🔴 Squid Game But It’s Seong Gi-hun Endlessly Licking the Honeycomb | Netflix - squid-game.onl

🔴 Squid Game But It’s Seong Gi-hun Endlessly Licking the Honeycomb | Netflix

Still Watching Netflix
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POV: you’re trying to concentrate, but all you can hear is Seong Gi-hun licking his piece of honeycomb. #SquidGame


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  1. Can’t believe that it actually stopped!

  2. Isn’t it supposed to be dalgona not honey comb?

  3. All the chats we had ;-;
    Why is the video not watchable tho?
    Could've been the least they can do.

    I'll miss you guys so much 🙁
    I hope we all can chat again soon…

  5. Hi, miss u ji hun 456 and weeby girl , let's meet on another live stream..🤗🤗💟

  6. Well…. Ayo we can still rp in the comment section 👀

  7. What about we all just get discord and add each other and make a group

  8. Everyone message me all your discord user and code I’ll freaks you then

  9. Noooo it ended :(( i was so excited to talk to yall

  10. JI-YEONG WHERE ARE YOU??? is confused and worried

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