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10 Best Korean Dramas of 2024 Added To Netflix So Far!

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The streaming giant #Netflix is in the #Kdrama game, investing lots of money in producing and distributing some of the most beloved East Asian dramas globally. While a lot of anticipating korean dramas are coming to netflix in #2024, Here we will take a look at the 10 Best Korean Dramas That have been added to Netflix this year so far!

In The Video,
00:00 Best Netflix 2024 K-Dramas!
00:22 Gyeongsyeong Creatures.
01:24 Frankly Speaking.
02:32 Goodbye Earth.
03:35 Captivating The King.
04:40 Dr Slump.
05:50 A Killer Paradox.
06:53 Parasyte The Grey.
07:52 The Atypical Family.
08:53 The 8 Show.
10:02 Queen Of Tears.

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  1. The 4th drama on the list is "The Atypical Family."

    This year, Netflix got in on the action, offering a story about a family of super powered individuals who are struggling to stay superpowered in a modern world that triggers conditions like depression, insomnia, bulimia, and smartphone addiction. Jang Ki-yong stars as single father Bok Gwi-ju, a time traveler. When he begins to experience depression after the loss of his wife, he loses his power to travel through time. Meanwhile, the rest of his family are also struggling to hold onto their superpowers, but when the mysterious Do Da Hee walks into their lives and begins to live with them, her influence may be the key to returning their powers. The JTBC's fantasy drama achieved its best-ever nationwide rating of 4.24% for episode 8, remaining the most-watched in its time slot.

    Due to some issues, it was trimmed out.

    Please Note: This is NOT the full list of Netflix's Korean Dramas aired in 2024 so far! Happy Watching❣️

  2. Thanks for you list,I’m a new kdrama fan and I appreciate the synopsis of the recommendations especially those on Netflix.

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