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10 Things To Watch After Squid Game! Death Game Shows, Revenge Thrillers + Korean Cinema On Netflix

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So like the rest of the planet, you’ve blasted through Squid Game and are looking for something new to watch. From Alice in Borderland to Sweet Home, here are 10 show recommendations to watch on Netflix.

0:00 – 10 Shows To Binge After Squid Game
0:34 – Alice in Borderland
1:17 – 3%
2:00 – Sweet Home
2:53 – Okja
3:45 – Extracurricular
4:22 – Psychokinesis
5:02 – The Uncanny Counter
5:46 – Time To Hunt
6:29 – The Drug King
7:13 – The Platform



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What To Watch After Squid Game! Death Game Shows, Revenge Thrillers + Korean Cinema On Netflix

Hundreds of cash-strapped players accept a strange invitation to compete in children’s games. Inside, a tempting prize awaits — with deadly high stakes.


  1. Extracurricular
    Squid games
    Sweet home
    Alice in borderland
    Uncanny encounters

    All good .

  2. Alice in borderland was amazing needs S2 ASAP

  3. Alice in borderland is the only thing worth mentioning on this list.

  4. I've watched 5 out of the 11, will check the rest out. Thanks Netflix.

  5. What was nice about Squid games was it was a good ending and had a surprise ending.

  6. Oppppppp squid game is opp and piz you make minecraft story mod more episode

  7. Help me reach 37k subs without any Videos says:

    These videos makes our days better

  8. Squid game did nothing new in terms of the story, they just had a good launch in all of the countries at the same time. Btw Alice in Borderland is awesome as well and I really recommend it the most from this list

  9. I watched episode 1. Couldn't stay with episode 2. My daughter "watched the whole thing so (I) don't have to" 😂 I think most people had to just say it was good to be part of the crowd…lmao! SO BORING 😴

  10. I’m watching this series this week! After having a lovely holiday weekend. Would love to watch this series. Just started Maya and the three! Love it a lot! Only on episode 1😂 Squid Game is next.

  11. Watch Mr. Sunshine with the Front Man on Netflix, it’s a true masterpiece!

  12. Where can u buy their Clothes? From the Guards and Players? Pls i need

  13. Watch Kingdom on Netflix. It is another great show. And no matter what the sorry asses say about Alice in Borderland, there is a reason that show is a flop and no one knew it existed before Squid Game. Everything that made Squid Game special is lacking in that show: terrible acting, juvenile storylines, zero emotional connection to the character and nothing deep to contemplate on human nature.

  14. 3% doesn’t have nearly enough love outside Brazil, it’s one of the best things I’ve ever watched, especially season one!!

  15. Bro I loved Sweet Home! I’m excited to see season 2! ♥️

  16. Saying "game show" is a bit of a spoiler for Alice in borderland

  17. Squid Game was brilliant. The twist was a bit obvious from episode 5 but it was still great. The acting was phenomenal. The main actor is absolutely quality.

  18. nothing like squid game but Korean show "My Name" is defo worth a watch


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  20. I hate this show. I really wish I could stop seeing it everywhere

  21. I recommend Grey's Anatomy cuz just like in Squid Game, everyone dies

  22. Not related to the genre but Dark is the best series for me…Still my #1 ahead of squid game. It's a sci-fi btw but not superheroes lol😂

  23. Thanks for the recommendations

  24. Sweet Home isn't getting nearly enough love!
    It's a monster apocalypse; instead of turning into zombies, people are turning into different kinds of monsters. The story focuses on one apartment building and the tenants inside trying to survive.

    The CGI isn't always top notch, but the acting and character arcs are phenomenal. I highly recommend Sweet Home if you enjoy sci-fi horror.

  25. Unpopular Opinion
    Alice in Borderland, is better than Squid Game (Don't get me weong, it's still absolutely amazing)
    IMO, the best South Korean, Japanese

    #1. Alice in Borderland
    #2. Squid Game
    #3. Sweet Home
    #4. Werewolf Game
    #5. King's Game
    #6. As the Gods Will
    #7. Battle Royale
    #8. Extracurricular
    #9. Animal World
    #10. The Uncanny Counter

  26. So many nightmares… Sweet Home, Hellbound, Alice in Borderland

  27. Please name any show which gives the same fun or even more than squid game

  28. Finished Squid games and alice in borderland… I'm ready for what's next

  29. I am not like squid game i was lovev Alice in borderland❤❤❤❤❤

  30. Sweet home and Alice in borderland should have got the same game squid game did, they’re literally better than squid game, not saying squid game is bad but it’s a lie of someone says it’s better than Alice in borderland

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