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45 HORRIFIC Details You Missed in SQUID GAME!

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The horrifically dystopian Squid Game is filled with secret clues & easter eggs to the big twists, including Season 2 teases, the Front Man’s secret identity & foreshadowing of all character deaths!

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0:00 Intro
0:22 Front Man Clues You Missed
1:01 Last Supper Steak
1:53 Secret Squid Symbols
2:30 Character Death Foreshadowing
3:40 Red Tissue, Blue Tissue
4:17 Killer Robo-Doll
4:42 Murderous Music
6:05 Chiptune Effects
6:38 Night & Day
7:19 The VIP Netflix
8:36 Fair or Rigged Game?

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A mysterious invitation to join the game is sent to people at risk who are in dire need of money. 456 participants from all walks of life are locked into a secret location where they play games in order to win 45.6 billion won. Every game is a Korean traditional children’s game such as Red Light, Green Light, but the consequence of losing is death. Who will be the winner, and what is the purpose behind this game?


  1. If there’s one thing I’ve learned from Oh Il-Nam, if you don’t see a body, you haven’t seen a death.

  2. If Stanley Kubrick still alive, he would be an awesome director for this with all the symbol, color and hidden clue.

  3. I asked my brother abt how none of the 456 player's family members doesn't not bother the fact their relatives has been missing for 6 days he said it was because most player are beggars so they don't have a home or any close relatives idk if its true what do you guys think

  4. The most heartbreaking is when the old man died

  5. Me: so how many people die in squid game?
    Writer: Yes

  6. Jun ho is not dead, the proof is He swimmed at the water and healed the wound.

  7. Motion detector Nv detected player 001 as a player in the blue light green light

  8. Motion detector Nv detected player 001 as a player in the blue light green light

  9. Let me tell you something when z101 died I mean Zusi one on man The Old Man Died but there was no blood

  10. Season 2 456 makes his own squid game?

  11. Ali and saw byeok didn’t die Ali was never shown when he got shot and sea byeok was announced by the speaker 🔈 it should have said player 67 is eliminated but it said nothing

    Player 001 if he went in his house he could have got more marbles but gi hun didn’t listen to him

  12. I love when she says jipp Kae EY movie lovers

  13. Ali is not dead he’s gonna be back in the next season

  14. Did any other my hero academia fans nickname player 218 evil ida because when he has his glasses on in the beginning he looked like ida?

  15. Hi so
    Squid Game yeah.. its a popular show but.. IT IS TOO POPULAR ITS RATED 15+ BUT THEY PUT IT ON SCRATCH ITS ON ROBLOX ITS ON YOUTUBE ITS EVERYWHERE THIS IS BAD UNLIKE AMONG US WE HAVE TOO STOP ITS TOO MUCH POPULARITY! Squid Game would be okay with some content but not having it be everywhere! If you get it too popular kids might end up seeing it and it will ruin there childhood. What I recommend Is dont post too much squid game videos if youtube is full of squid game then you should tell your child not to click squid game involved stuff with clips which have Blood , Dying , Screaming and not kid aged stuff. I hope this comment is good if your gonna hate than dont reply

  16. I saw something in The Squid Game that no spoiler video has ever mentioned. Maybe you can help me with this. Anyway, in the take where they all are playing tug-of-war, a bunch go down and die. Well, in one of the loosing groups, where they fall to their death, there is one person that is mangled but still alive. The undercover cop is there putting bodies into the black boxes with the deep pink bows. He sees the mangled body but he/she is still alive, he’s shocked, so a manager or soldier tells him something like “Do your job” . He then puts the mangled but still alive person into a box and as the boxes are about to leave he takes something out of his pocket, – piece of chalk maybe, and draws onto the outside (lower corner/are right side/ bottom) of the box a cross. No one has ever mentioned this in any spoiler/Easter egg type video. I’ve been wondering WHAT WAS UP WITH THAT. Please let me know. Thank you, Ms. Pamela A. A. A.

  17. i kow that the table is like the game i squid game

  18. Spoiler alert
    The blue and red tissue is wrong you must watch the video where 67 answers theory’s about squid game and said that wrong

  19. Ngl, I don’t really buy the theory that Gi-hun was invited to be a VIP. Gi-Hun is not that wealthy and he did not win much money. It’s one of the shows greatest hidden commentaries but in the grand scheme of things, the prize money was abysmally low.

    The number put on each individual contestant was also very low. And contestants were so desperate for relief that VIP’s convinced them to risk their lives for what was essentially pocket change. Even in the actual VIP episode, one VIP bet money that was MORE than the reward for games. And left during the game not caring whether he won or lost. It was a whim, not even an investment.

    The games themselves probably produced far more money than they awarded. The bank CEO/president offering probably has more money than Gi-Hun too. And wealthy people like Il-nam (the old man) tend to make more money in one week than what Gi-Hun made in the games. So every theory about being a VIP or Il-Nam’s son/ inheritor just doesn’t hold up. The old man was still leagues above Gi-Hun.

    Still, they could have offered Gi-Hun VIP access because they considered him special and interesting. Il-nam liked him & maybe they were curious about him not spending money. But I don’t think that he’s automatically a VIP because of money. Like he’s still poor compared to the wealth the VIPs were toting.

    And a small theory of my own: the way debt and financial literacy work, it wouldn’t be surprising if the winners ran out of money fairly quickly. Again, it wasn’t much and most tend to have some level of gambling addiction. It actually happens a lot in the lottery where most winners spend their funds in less than 2 years. So the games could have approached the winners after the money was gone and offered them a job as a worker/guard. It would make more sense and reveal why so many were unfazed. They’d be given a choice to go back into poverty or to work the games as a worker which was technically “safer.”

  20. I think i noticed a pink guard in the last scene of episode 9

  21. The girl getting killed in the end, heartbreaking. 😥💔

  22. Well, one thing I didn't miss was crying in the marbles game. Great as usual, Jan!!! Thanks!!!

  23. Guiun bumped into sae-beyok and lifted his legs up same in red light green light

  24. Yall missed a LOT. This isn't even half of the Easter eggs

  25. I don't know but did anyone related Squid Game with the movie Eyes Wide Shut and the mask they all were wearing and canceling their identities? Also the triangle might be related to Illuminati's pyramid or the all the geometric features related to Freemasons (another secret society). I also see Squid Game related to the show Celebrity Big Brother and how one can't see the person who speaks to the contenders.

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