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A Family Affair | Official Trailer | Netflix

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A surprising romance kicks off comic consequences for a young woman (Joey King), her mother (Nicole Kidman) and her movie star boss (Zac Efron) as they face the complications of love, sex, and identity. Directed by Richard Lagravenese and written by Carrie Solomon, A Family Affair debuts June 28, only on Netflix.

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A Family Affair | Official Trailer | Netflix

The only thing worse than being the assistant to a high-maintenance movie star who doesn’t take you seriously? Finding out he’s smitten with your mom.


  1. Funny thing is with that faceover Zach has done to he's face, he looks the same age as Nicole Kidman 😂😂😂

  2. Zac has definitely had a chin implant -at the least. It's like he wants to look like Rob Lowe.

  3. Ew what happened to Zac's face? Didn't even recognise him. His nose and chin are totally alien

  4. Just another cringy failure

  5. Zac used to be so good looking before all that facial work. 🤦🏻‍♀️😟

  6. I cannot get over how bad Zac Efron's plastic surgery was botched. He just looks so bad now haha. he aged himself by at least 15 years. Which I can only assume was the opposite of the goal of the surgery. hopefully he learned from that and doesnt try to fix it and make it worse.

  7. I did not recognize them. A lot of modification on their faces

  8. I did not recognize them. A lot of modification on their faces

  9. It’s a 20 year age gap but it looks like a 5 year age gap with Nicole being the younger of the two.

  10. Ooh ZAC! What did you do to your faaacee😢😭

  11. How did Nicole kidman start looking young again??

  12. Is this a remake of the sitcom from the 60s called family affair 😊😊

  13. Zac face 😂😂😂😂😂😂 he looks more plastic than Nicole Kidman 😂😂😂😂😂

  14. i love Anne Hathaway I mean she's my queen BUT I feel like this is gonna be WAY better than The Idea Of You

  15. I thought this is a movie with Nicole Kidman and David Hasselhoff.

  16. havent seen david hasselhoff in a movie for a while…

  17. So many comments about these people's appearances. It's sad that everyone is so shallow. Nicole is going to absolutely smash it as she does in every movie. Can't wait for this it looks really funny and like it has great message about older women and mothers still having their own identities and sexual desires. ❤

  18. Zac Efron used to be the most gorgeous man… And now… This is sad.

  19. Nah, this kind of horror creeps me out. Two surgery victims hooking up, looking the same age although they could be mother and son.

  20. Surgically a very interesting movie.
    A but like a car accident: you just can’t look away

  21. I swear Zac Efron was a teenager 3 minutes ago.

  22. Both lookin like dolls these days… seems like fitting casting.

  23. why is zac efron looking way older than 36

  24. i want sharing netflix but how everyone

  25. This is one of the worst trailer I have seen in last 4 to 5 years, oh my god what an idea to make this movie. why that woman is dating a man in this age stage …?

  26. I'm not sure if I can accept Efron and Kidman being a couple, considering he's 36 and she's 56. But hey, it might be about time that we do the reverse. Considering this is done with older male actors all the time. lol

  27. joey king still looks teenager daughter than a secretary 😅😂🤣

  28. Jesus… both leads screwed their faces recently

  29. If age was nothing but a number the movie 🍿 🎉

  30. Zack u had to go botox up,! Why though

  31. If the gender roles were reversed and this movie was about a 60 year old man dating a 30 year old woman, the social media crowd would be frothing at the mouth in outrage right now.

  32. The amount of shit netflix is creating. Tge amount of unnecessary life incident sexual content and urge in people who are turing from decent to cheap die to platform like you. Shame on u and your content. Shame on ur money making plans. Shame on u as a human being. Shame on people who work for netflix. May you people realise hpw easily u have distracted f*ed up and destroys people's clean mind. May you realise ur content is shit on name of web series. U do not sell stories u sell lust. I can't curse enough for the amount of dirt u have created. I do not watch netflix but i am aware. I am aware how u give dopamine to youngsters with lusty content. May your company go in loss. I curse u ur downfall. I hate u and ur content. U are a piece of shit which is only ruining this generation u will pay for it. On name of 18+ content u are feeding new generation crap. Shame on ur earnings.

  33. Is it just me or Zac is looking more like the human version of Shrek?

  34. What did he do to his face, it looks like clay.

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