Alice in Borderland | Official Trailer | Netflix -

Alice in Borderland | Official Trailer | Netflix

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Get ready for heart-pounding thrills on a Hollywood scale! The Netflix Original Series “Alice in Borderland” starts December 10th, only on Netflix! The series also boasts a star-studded cast, including Kento Yamazaki and Tao Tsuchiya.


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Alice in Borderland | Official Trailer | Netflix


  1. Just…..go……and……watch……this. Trust me, I won't disapoint you. I promise. Damn ❤ just sign I'm speechless

  2. Yea show is great and all but i mean I’m here crushing over Cheshire 😩

  3. 最初の音楽なんか龍とそばかすの姫に似てた

  4. Watched this before watching squid games, and SG appeared pretty average compared to Alice

  5. I keep saying it’s so fire out loud like ten times🔥

  6. I want to create a world like Alice in borderland

  7. This show was slightly better than squid game imo

  8. I can't understand why there was so much hype on squid game even so this show is much more better and released before it and more creative , and it didn't get that hype

  9. Finally found time and remembered to watch this and it’s so good so far- about to head to episode 2 in a minute-I LOVE IT!😮‍💨

  10. WaW i never expected this, I was shocked to the end

  11. A very nice serie to watch, just waiting for the next season

  12. This is a master piece
    Can't wait for season 2

  13. Still confused.. Where did all the people in the city go in an instant? How the players are recruited at different times?

  14. Binged this in two days, it was really good!!

  15. Nobody
    Me: This looks so good but i can watch it

  16. As a manga reader watching this trailer, i commend the production team for what seems like keeping true to the original plot. For those looking for a continuation of what you already have, the manga is already finished, and it’s an insane ride from start to finish.

  17. What has this have to do with squid game? It looks way different

  18. I can't wait for the second season 😫😭😭😭

  19. F this trailer spoiler some of the stuffs in the show

  20. 1 : Dead or Alive ( Three of clubs = Difficulty 3, Clubs Stands for Balance )
    2 : Tag ( Five of Spades = Difficulty 5, Spades Stands for Physical Strength )
    3 : Werewolf and sheep ( Seven of Hearts = Diffculty 7, Heart Stands for Trust and Betrayal )
    4 : Distance ( Four of Clubs = Difficulty 4, Clubs Stands for Balance )
    5 : Light Bulb ( Four of Diamonds = Difficulty 4, Diamonds stands for Intelligence )
    6 : Witch Hunt ( Ten of Hearts = Difficulty 10, Heart stands for Trust and Betrayal )
    Rules at the beach :
    1) You must always have on a bathing suit.

    2) You are free to live your life exactly as you wish including alcohol, drugs and sex.

    3) Death to all traitors.

    The Most impossible and hardest Game in the list of S1 games is
    Witch Hunt Ten of Hearts
    34 Players Died.
    Witch : Momoka Inoue

    The main characters : Ryōhei Arisu ( Alias Alice (アリス)),Yuzuha Usagi ( Usagi/Rabbit (ウサギ)

  21. Show is great until they hamfist mental illness as a character trait into a character impossible for their bs to be true. Completely flounders at the end. That's not how it works transmissions, you will never actually look female. That isn't deep. It's not character development. Imagine cutting away from a tv show to inform everyone one of the characters was anorexic, as if that has any meaning in this context. Hope they don't pull more forced diversity bs like that again. Also giving a backstory to the insane bald kid was stupid too.

  22. Everyone is saying that this series is like squid game but actually squid game is like this series.

  23. I'm his fan since childhood but i haven't watched it because i don't like this genre but i should watch it because of Kento

  24. Just finished reading the manga. Hope they don't disappoint.

  25. just finished yesterday in one day and omgg the casts are soo good & perfect. eagerly waiting for S2 on december <3

  26. Looking at the comments, weebs still feel inferior to SG.

  27. 虹郎くんの声好きだから見たけどほんとこのドラマ面白い、今までのネトフリの日本ドラマでいっちゃん興奮した

  28. Squid game make alice more popular

  29. …………………………………………………………………………

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