Alice In Borderland VS Squid Game - Which Is The Better Netflix Series? -

Alice In Borderland VS Squid Game – Which Is The Better Netflix Series?

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I review, breakdown and explain Alice In Borderland Season 2 Netflix and compare it to Squid Game. I discuss both tv series and react to the differences, similarities, characters, games and endings of both of the shows.

00:00 Intro
01:14 The Characters
02:35 The Games
04:15 The Story
06:07 The Cliffhanger
07:47 Final Verdict
08:07 Outro

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  1. There’s recency bias plus 2 seasons compared to 1, but even so, I’d say Alice is the better show. Japans the best at making death games.

  2. 1- Squid Game's best points : The iconic music and clothes, the acting, characters and the realism which made the whole story and characters more relatable.
    2- Alice's best points : games, action scenes, philosophical and cathartic questioning, the storyline, environments
    3- Squid Game's bad point was: it was sometimes too slow, too boring and even too predictable.
    4- Alice default is you can tell it comes from a manga because of too many unrealistic WTF moments :
    a- Some people should be dead. Aguni, Niragi and Kina alive is like having Ali alive in Squid Game season 2!!!
    b- Every woman are sexualized and sexual agressions are trivialized: Usagi almost been raped 3 times and has no trauma at all. No one talk about it like if it has never happened. Usagi even team up with both Niragi and Aguni like if it's nothing!!!
    Even if I do believe that Alice is more brillantly writen over all than Squid Game, because of those WTF moments, I can't say one is better than the other.

  3. Squid game is my favorite, but Alice in borderlands has better story I guess. Can’t wait for the 2 shows new season!!

  4. Squid game is a very good show but aib is the best ond

  5. Alice in Borderland is just brilliant. The unique plot have so many twists and turns. The characters are well established.

  6. Alice in borderland is the best definitely

  7. "Alice In Borderland" is overwhelmingly more interesting.

    "Squid Game" is a copy of the Japanese 2014 release "As God Says". The same goes for the appearance of dolls in the first game.

    "As God Says" is also available on NETFLIX.

    In addition, the game contents are copied from works such as "Gaiji" and "Gantz".

    The director of Squid Game admitted that he copied "Geiji" and "Gantz", but said in an interview that he didn't know "as God says". He's an outrageous liar.

    In Korea, even if you copy Japanese movies, music, and variety shows, Koreans cannot watch Japanese works because there are restrictions.

    Koreans think it's okay to copy anything from Japan.

  8. alice in borderland had its flaws but in general i say alice in borderland is better. even if it’s not completely logical, the overall emotion & despair factor definitely goes to alice in borderland. i personally enjoyed it and was satisfied with both seasons

    squid game is still good but it didn’t make me feel as emotional as alice in borderland did

  9. the author of this video doesn’t like Aguni? because he doesn’t appear at any time.

  10. Many including me came to know about Squid Game before AiB even though the latter was released earlier. AiB season 1 was good but hard to say if it was better than SG 1…season 2 was definitely the winner in terms of character development, very deep conversation & ideals of each char (even the villains), I almost cried during the last convo between Kyuma & Arisu. The way it explored the many facets of human nature was totally on another level compared to SG. The games have got so much depth, like balance scale not only testing your IQ, as Chishiya said in an intellectual game, not only you have to read opponent's mind but to predict their reasoning. Woah, none of the SG game could compare to that depth.

    SG has few simple but powerful elements to make it memorable (esp to kids) & marketable, like nostalgic Korean childhood games, iconic uniforms, symbolic items (square/triangle/circle, cookie with shapes), monster (woody girl, Darth Vader mask). Notice how in AiB each villains are unique and have their own beliefs to test on the participants, but never have to resort to anything symbolic to make them memorable.

  11. I’d say the characters in aib are much better too especially the first 3 episodes all leading up to their deaths in the 7 of hearts

  12. Alice in Borderland


    And anyone u claims something different hasn’t probably even seen AIB .

  13. Marketing played a huge part of Squid Game becoming popular. Western people are unfamiliar with death match game shows and the only show they know is Battle Royale only because famous people like Tarantino cited the show. So when they see the trailer of Squid Game and they see a cute doll machine gunning everyone, they will think: "wow, this looks so different and interesting". Also, Parasite winning best Oscar movie a few years before helped solidify Korean's cinematography reputation, and of course K-pop and K-drama trend also helped.

  14. I just gotta give it up to South Korea and Japan for giving us quality entertainment here in the US. Both Squid Game and Alice in Borderland are equal in my eyes in light of all the shit that woke Hollywood is producing nowadays.

  15. Alice in borderland is so much better. The emotions I have felt from it. Squid games is good but I got bored over time. AIB had me engaged the whole way through. You don't have to know and see every single character for it to be good. AIB focused on the right things

  16. Also to add my point I found a lot more characters in squid game to be very annoying.

  17. Squid Game was really good… Alice in Borderland is just better.

  18. My family and I just finished season 2 of aib and it was awesome! I mean everything about it was better definitely deserve more hype!

  19. Alice in Borderland is exponentially better. No comparison.

  20. AIB deserves way more popularity

  21. Not one player from Squid Game would survive the King Of Spades 😅

  22. Alice in borderland has my vote. Much better story and premise.
    I really enjoyed it.
    Squid game was ok but that’s all it was. Just ok.

  23. AiB is way better than Squid game. The writing of the character are way more memorable than in Squid Game. Characters like Chishiya, Kuina, Kyuma, etc. have distinct traits and personalities.
    Kyuma naked as his way of living, Kuina is a transgender woman who was influenced and harassed by his father, and Chishiya is just a badass and depressed doctor who is in search of purpose in life. Realism what makes Squid Game and Fantasy what makes Alice in Borderland, but japanese writers and mangaka tends to write memorable characters even if it is unrealistic.

  24. Alice in Borderland is far better.

    Alice in Borderland is 9/10
    Squid Games is 4/10

  25. AiB in all categories. No contest. Also, AiB was there first. SG really felt like a copy to me.

  26. Thanks for your review. I cannot agree with you more

  27. People know, SG is just being OVERHYPED, overrated 😂 , a baby level of death game.
    Remove being overrated SG is nothing 😜
    don't hate me its the point of this vid 🤣
    AIB is a masterpiece, SG is just overrated tbh and we all know use those Japanese death game blueprints… So i disliked it the moment people say this is an upgrade level of AIB but the truth, sg is just a baby level weakling and mediocre level… I did know the both history

    Story, games, characters and creativity AIB


  28. Alice in borderland is better than squid games in every possible way

  29. IMO Alice in Borderland is better. I didnt even make it past ep 6 in squid game because I was bored

  30. Nah I like the hour and half last episode. And I still think the alice in Borderland characters are better because although we don't got much screen time for the other characters beside Arisu and Usagi, the main characters were just so strong and relatable yet still a better version of yourself. Like we can all see our self as Arisu, not knowing what to do with life and prolly play video games but we can see Arisu progress to a really wise, persevernt and altruistic character that we all want to see our self become. Usagi relates to a kind person that most people naturally are but still has a backstory. And we also see her develop into a strong, selfless character that we all wanna be. Along with the connection between these two characters is amazing and their relationship is real, it's not just kissy, kissy, flirty oh I kinda care about you. No its I care about you so much, and you're my reason to live and I would do anything for you and that's whether we're friends or more. How you know if you truly love someone is if you would be completely happy with being friends. That intimacy is just more of you wanting to show your love for them, but ultimately you love them for them and not just for their income, bum, kissing thumb. Ok enough rhyming but you know what I mean, in the end of the day you love them for them and not for the kissing and stuff. So although we don't get much of the other characters, I believe the 2 main characters makes up for that. Plus we do get some insight of the other characters so it's still somewhat feeling of their death. If alice in borderland can keep the main characters as they were ALONG with more time on the other characters, brooooo…. that would be so amazing

  31. I watched AIB first and loved S1 already then after that came out Squid Game, which got so much hype that I wondered why? When I finally watched it, it didn't impress me. I was left unsatisfied. Sure it was a good show but I always think something's missing. Well it's just my opinion and now that s2 for AIB came out, it even more strengthened its hold on me. AIB all the way.

  32. Alice in borderlands by far & it’s not even close

  33. when i showed alice in borderland.i was depressing.

  34. Sorry but Alice in borderland is so boring and over rated! Makes no sense , no logic and try to make it so deep! Alice is way harder to survive for suree because it is ridiculous! But the acting for me is not doing it! Squid gamee is better in every level, logical and realistic, and character development way better, and straight to to the point!

  35. I like both shows but liked Squid Games more. I’m on season 2 of Alice and still don’t know why they’re stuck in this bizarre world playing crazy survival games and if this all turns out to be a damn dream I’m throwing the TV out the window

  36. AiB=For a gore-filled dark dystopian surreal reality.

    SG=Realistic, sick and I actually think it is currently happening in our world right now.

    The scary part about SG is that it could happen to anybody, as it is very realistic.

    The scary thing about AiB is the borderline itself and what they had to go through.

  37. For me, AiB is far superior. I enjoyed Squid Game, however, it feels dumbed down/oversimplified compared to AiB.

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