Answering 7 Questions About Squid Game | Squid Game Explained -

Answering 7 Questions About Squid Game | Squid Game Explained

Bryce Edward Brown
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7 Questions Answered About Squid Game (2021). Explaining the most asked about and important questions about Netflix’s Squid Game.

00:00 – Intro
00:14 – Is South Korea the only place where these games are hosted?
01:19 – Was Oh II-nam (The Host/Player 1) safe during he games?
02:32 – How much is the prize money when converted to US currency?
02:51 – What’s the subtext of Squid Game?
03:08 – Who are the Guards?
04:16 – Why did Seong Gi-hun dye his hair red?
05:52 – Is Hwang Jun-Ho dead?
07:38 – Outro

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This video was made by Bryce Edward Brown


  1. I'm glad someone put a video out referencing the line about other possible Squid Games happening in other countries. I feel like it was a heavily overlooked, but important line.

    In S2 I hope to see Gi-Hun uncover more about the history of all this while trying to put an end to it. I'd imagine he'd only be able to bring the Korean location down, but may uncover more about it towards the end of S2 which would leave an open ending for a possible S3. My only concern is that they won't emphasize the stakes or just recycle it where it's the same – survival. IMO it needs to be about more than just survival, and there's a multitude of plot twists they can use.

    For example, while infiltrating he may discover more about selection. Perhaps its not entirely what it seems and he finds out that the now stepfather to his child is a VIP and was the one that submitted him into the Squid Games. We know he is rich as he just has that money Gi-Hun needed to help his mom with medical bills, but we don't know much else. Maybe he runs the US games and that's the real reason for the move, or maybe he is just a VIP.

    Regardless, the way they wrote the show was perfect and the many lines and details that touch on a subject without revealing almost anything at all will pay off in S2. The retroactive story writing/creation possible is bound to give an interesting S2. My rant is more conjecture and conspiracy that I feel would make an interesting next season.

  2. ⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻ says:

    "this is a reference to the matrix" apparently it's actually a reference to an old korean story about a toilet monster who would give you a choice between blue or red toilet paper

  3. Ali's dead body is shown to us in the episode some time around the intro right after the episode in which he was shot dead.

  4. The last Front man won Squid game so he Front man so now this winner be Front man

  5. And don't forget, if you take your mask off, you DIE !! Sounds familiar. Nothing new under the sun.

  6. And everybody likes the squid game a killing game but a romantic relationship that is far age

  7. On Redlight the doll never scanned player 1

  8. The scene with Number One and Seong Gi Hun together at the condo watching a drunken man on the cold street was really great. Number One was playing one more game before he died with Seong. They watched as a police car stops and the officers look in on the man on the street. “Look. Someone cares,” Seong says and the clock strikes. Seong had won this game.

    I also thought that Seong’s red hair was symbolic of the blood of the players in the Squid Game. He was memorializing them.

    And when Seong turns around and walks away from the plane, I believed that he knew he was being watched. So, now a rich man, he sets out to stop the Squid Game.

    I think Squid Game was that Faustian allegory about what would one do for money. Every player was in debt and facing the prospect of prosecution, persecution, prison and death.
    It’s like the show Survivor with its tag line “Outplay. Outwit. Outlast.”
    Squid Game was Survivor at its most extreme.

  9. in red light green light the doll dosent detect him so he was safe

  10. I'm sorry but some of your explanations are ridiculous and just down right wrong imo, for the picking of the coloured cards, the people who picked the blue cards became players and the ones who picked red probably became the guards, simple as that 👍

  11. "I read every comment on my videos" that's impressive!!! There's more than 2000 :0

  12. is gi_hun gonna be a guard or the frontman in the trailer he had a black jacked

  13. I dont believe u reading every comment.


  14. Why does my butthole burn most days of the week..?

  15. My main Question(s)> Will there be a SG season 2? and when will it be released?

  16. The contest seems to be on a secluded island, this makes sense for disposing of bodies without question. Logically a country with easy bribery could be used. The Phillippines for example is close enough that the contestants would only be unconcious for a few hours whilst transported to the island. They also have many privately owned islands in the Philippines. As for South Korea, there are many people in the area of the Philippines that would be in similar debt such as areas of China, Thailand and other Asian countries. The game would be very costly but if the same area were used every game then the cost would be far less.

  17. @Bryce, another great analysis. I would greatly appreciate you breaking down Raised by Wolves Season 1, and your thoughts on season 2, which releases Feb/22. Who is Sol? Your thoughts on the Eden cycle/ Time travel. Will Mother get her eyes back, or will she take Grandmother's eyes? Did we originate on Kepler 22B? What is your analysis of the snakes? Your predictions. The show is on HBO Max premiered in 2020. Trust me you will be hooked.

  18. WARNING SPOILER: Wrong if u don't know ali Is still alive but he will come back evil

  19. i heard that 067 and the frontmans brother both didnt die and they got married and they are also trying to take down the squid game

  20. Didn’t the front man see the police officer through the camera?

  21. but guys if the frontman goes on playing this game then he will get less richer ni season 2 there's gonna be the bit when the frotman finds out that won of the vips are the guy that won the game from season 1

  22. Good insight. Why did players not try to grab the rails in the last game to prevent their fall?

  23. I brought you this amazing video with two amazing designs for Princess Kitana 💙 and her sadistic sister Mileena 💜 .

    Eagerly waiting for your comments don't forget to leave a subscribe and a comment about who do you want to see next..

  24. I don't see why a drop off a cliff into water would kill anyone in Squid Games since we already saw one of the players fall off a bridge into water and not even get injured from that. The show already showed us that the fall, and the bullet to the shoulder, are both survivable.

  25. on the red light green light part on the dolls targeting thing there was a green out line on every one but 001 so it was probably programmed not to aim at 001

  26. I would like to know:
    Why does the old man always live in every game?It is possible that he is either a V.I.P or the doll is friends with him or married.But how,the card that is given to players have a circle,triangle and square.And the doll has a purple clip that has a circle,triangle and square in her hair.So I think that the doll has something to do with the front man,by his side the guards.Who technically guard the games.And there is a secret weapon in squid game.12-L.Yeah,and also the gun's have to be given out to each guard who participates as a guard.The doll is a weapon too.The V.I.P's are always watching the squid game participants,right?They also are guardian legals!I know my mouth dropped when I figured that out.
    Why are everyone in squid game have secret kill's ?
    That's what I would like to know.

  27. You missed another symbol in squid game when the winner was the last number (456)and the old man was number 1 then the old man gave the winner his number 1 jacket to foreshadow of his victory

  28. I have a questions. Maybe a few..
    What happened to the kid 456 left in the hands of old lady.

  29. What about konsabuk is she dead bc when she died they never called out her number 067 like all the other players

  30. Who’s the frontman in spuid game season 2

  31. For those who are about to make a comment about 001 being safe during the Red Light, Green Light game, I spent 2 days of my life working a video dedicated to debunking that theory.
    Here is a link:

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