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Ben Shapiro Reviews “Squid Game”

Ben Shapiro
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Shapiro reviews the popular Netflix series “Squid Game.”

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  1. Its mix of PC, cancel culture and communism. Oh! One thing left… hatred against western culture.

  2. Not everything is all about politics. This is a pretty dumb take on the movie.

  3. I think it is more a criticism to the competitive nature of human existence rather than a criticism to capitalism. The VIPs however reminded me of Elon Musk, when he was manipulating the crypto market with his tweets, laughing at his own jokes while small investors were losing lifetime savings..much more disturbing then the squid game

  4. I saw pjw on the meaning of squod game and totally disagreeed with you

  5. Fuck Squid Game. I don’t give a shit about it. But this is Shapiro. So I’m here.

  6. I think you’re off on this one, bro. Love you and your show for years, but I see the overarching narrative in Squid Game as anti-authoritarian to both the left-creeping and right-creeping versions of whatever that animal is in equal measures, which mirrors the zeitgeist. I mean, the “villains” are wearing masks ripped off from the Rothschilds, who were/are (outwardly-facing) on the economic left. I guess you could frame it in a way that the Koch brothers and George Soros are equally capitalistic and balance the scales, but then you would just have the plot of Squid Game. And yet, I don’t think that’s what you’re saying. I think what you’re saying is, “free market capitalism/nationalism good, socially-motivated/globalist capitalism bad.” Although, as almost everyone knows, both of those ideas are, in reality, pure fiction. Your analysis is over simplistic in that sense. But I get that it’s your bread and butter, so I don’t fault you for having a less nuanced take. In your Heart, though, I think you know better. Cuz you’re a smart dude, well aware of nuance.

  7. people and also ben say his smart.. but he cant see nuance, he cant read between lines, from the very beginning of squid game, the mask guys says that the participant will only be playing 6 games, which means there is some form of consentive to play and win the whole thing as a group and without having to kill anyone if the rule of a game stated it's not needed to win, so that glasses wearing Seoul National University collage guy is being cold blooded for corrupted greedy reasons, just like ben, the capitalist worshipping tool

  8. Isn't the point of the squid game's base philosophy "everyone lives in pure equality" just as critical against Socialism? The game appeared to me to say "pure equality is a dystopia"

  9. Capitalism only works when trade is truly free and money is not printed like water and we are not forced to use that money. Banks have taken over a long time ago with fractional reserve banking. So let’s bring back true capitalism and end the cronyism. Maybe we can sell it to the left if we fix it. Their criticism is a bit misguided but fundamentally it is coming from recognizing the playing field is not level. Not by a long shot. So let’s help the left formulate the problem and we can all have the benefits.

  10. What in the world are you talking about first off the writer of the show and the director said what it was about an allegory of capitalism. Also capitalism is more about class distinction, it's about more of an independent as opposed to communal (communist) society. Meanwhile for the characters so justifying it to themselves and picking each one off one by one instead of working together cuz by the end a lot of them are out for themselves just like in a capitalist society. It's like you're looking for something that's not there I mean he's not saying anything bad about Americans, good god . He's just showing him in nature under stress and that her system that's unfair and what people will do to climb to the top that's not communism what are you talking about?

    It's like you're getting all butthurt that it was Americans that were the VIP but the guy running the show was Korean so I don't understand your point honestly this is weird again like another right wing radio host you're trying to fit a square peg into a circle.

  11. Came here for a review, Got a recap of the show (Explanation).
    Thanks Ben.🙄

  12. Bro this isn’t a review, it’s a summary of the entire show 😂

  13. Jesus Christ, Ben, calm down, not everything has to be taken so serious

  14. Lol the irony that in capitalism "you are not forced to do something, you trade", which what China has been doing but got so good at this game that the US has to literally step-in against private companies like Huawei and Tiktok. In Europe we also love the taste of our moral highground, especially when it suit us.

  15. let me help you nfs ccnt my location became known to you because I'm a heroin addict i've shot it several times and even od for 10 minutes ks has not, he is trying to be one but isn't that is why he located me. quess what I didn't music or anything related to creativity. are there vowels. So help that poor lawyer.

  16. A lot of people feel and think there is no way up the ladder. It's a lie but for someone surrounded by people of the culture of poverty it's pretty damn hard to find a way out. then again they have something to run from. fear of poverty.

  17. Literally agree. Ultimately the roots are actually vested in a weird capitalism versus Communism lens. Japan is also a more collective country but due to their unique perspective on it they make shows like these not be cringe af.
    Korea inevitably ends up taking whats cool to be in the US and runs with it.

  18. Great review Ben. I would love to see you review and critique Bo Burnham’s Inside special.

  19. Capitalism is evil. Pure and simple. Funny how people like Ben, who have the power and wealth, are always the ones pushing this evil the most.

  20. I believe Ben is seeing messages in the show that was not intended maybe im wrong , but I don't think it was trying to be political.

  21. These mid-video advertisements are sick and shameful Ben. Yeshua would impregnate his mother and her pet pig just to get out of having to listen to you pawn yourself like that!

  22. Elmo getting shot made me kinda uncompftable 😂

    PS: I guess, the VIPs are not all american. In the german synchro some of them seem russian or even german (uhh. What a surprise)

  23. I'd agree parasite was a bad critique of capitalism, squid game however was much more thought out and a great critique of capitalism

  24. I loved this show and as for politics like we have villains such as the mandarin we are just culturally different and so as a different culture we obviously use the different culture as the villain

  25. Vincent Psych SA - a masculine perspective. says:

    First rule of Squid Game is – talk about Squid Game
    Are you awake?

  26. You wanna know how bad capitalism is? 2 years ago I was very much in a large amount of debt for student loans as well as a decent chunk of credit card debt. My car was nearly repossessed and I was on the brink of homelessness. Snap back to now and I've paid off all my credit card debt, I know OWN my car, and get this I'm not looking for a place to rent to live I am going to buy a house. I did not receive any money from any single person and I have paid my way out of my situation BECAUSE of capitalism.

    I understand why people wanna blame capitalism. We get it there's a lot of players in the game who kind of hack their way through and quite frankly abuse others to get where they are and guess what? It sucks but you know what else is the reality? You aren't going to get anywhere if you don't play the game.

  27. Thought this video was on 2x speed until I realized that was just how this gremlin spoke

  28. I thought it was a representation of communism..not capitalism.

  29. To me, the political aspect was basically invisible for me, though the majority of those rich guys being American was slightly off putting, but I'm not bothered by it that much. To me, the series took a look at the corruption of the human condition; the desperation and willingness to do whatever for money, and the general evil of humanity. My only real issue with the series was how they portray the Christian characters as being obsessively fanatic and just creepy. Now, it could just be that that's how Christians are in Korea, but without clarifying that, it made things appear as they have great disdain for Christians without any real reason. Good show despite, but I don't think the hype is all there.

    Ps: Those that are on the left in this comments section, before you attack Ben for his take, you might want to check out some videos that have the same views as Ben, but are liberal. If you are so sure this isn't what the show is about, then take them to task as well.

  30. "I wanted to write a story that was an allegory or fable
    about modern capitalist society, something that
    depicts an extreme competition, somewhat like the
    extreme competition of life. But I wanted it to use the
    kind of characters we've all met in real life," Hwang said. Hmmmmm i think most of the people watching and commenting are just slow or speical, feels bad to have a brain that misses the mark💀💀

  31. Calling someone and waiting for them to pick you up at a certain location and certain time, really isn't kidnapping Ben.

  32. We love you Ben. Always honest, cutting through the BS.

    Would like to hear your take on Scarface. Ultimate dystopian, nihilistic critique of capitalism

  33. Superman and Lois and Stargirl especially upto Season 2!!!
    Sincerely a Ghetto Conservative
    Mike B. B. From Philly P.A. U.S.A.

  34. The subtitles need major work there’s so much of the story we miss and it makes a major difference

  35. Can you give a review of the movie Legend of Destruction? @Ben Shapiro

  36. Why is "bloody" automaticly a negative aspect ?

  37. Yeah I completely disagree with Ben on this one

  38. The worst case scenario of Mob rule( aka democracy) were showcased pretty good here, with the old man being the deciding vote when they voted to stop the game. During a 50.50 split vote, it came down to only 1 man that had to power to sway the entire vote one way or the other. Might doesn’t make right, simply because a majority wants something doesn’t make it right or just. If we abolished the 13th amendment by amending the constitution and brought back slavery to put people back in chains because the majority wanted it, that would still not be okay on a human rights level regardless wether or not it was a democratic process that implemented it. If Hitler used a perfect democratic process to exterminate certain groups of people and it’s what the majority wanted, that doesn’t make it any less bad because a bunch of people said so. I don’t underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups, and therefore I’m very cautious of democracy and communism (they are essentially the same thing in the 21st century)

  39. I wouldn't say this is a direct criticism of capitalism, but still an interesting watch nonetheless. Perhaps a less political view on the show might've been better, but I don't really blame you considering all the bullshit people have dealt you haha
    Edit: after getting to about 4:00 I definitely disagree with you. I feel like this is more of a targeted awareness issue with spending money and especially gambling. Basically, be smart with your money. I could be under-analyzing though, can't really say without the Producer's own word on it.

  40. @6:10 Ben says "Capitalism is predicated on the notion that you do not get something unless you give something to somebody else". Because we all know how those who profited from the '07 crash only did so by creating value for others. /s

  41. I really don't think it has to do with "South Korea government is terrible, and if you are poor you can't get out". It just shows the wealth gap with a hyperbolic lens. It is harder for poorer people to get up the ladder than rich people. This show isn't a 1-1 correlation (obviously). Also, I think the reason the richest people were american, is because America is the wealthiest country in the world, and also, its exotic. Since this show was made in south korea, and in the korean version they speak english.

  42. Just enjoy the show Ben. They are shows for a reason😤

  43. Well if you watch the show and only see the political aspect of it, then you are just asking to be mad for no good reason. Most people are not watching the show for politics but to be entertained!

  44. Not a political show but Kengan Ashura is worth watching

  45. What’s with filmmakers and dissing the government (when they’re allowed too) this isn’t the first South Korean movie to diss the government and the system

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