Can You Win a Real Life SQUID GAME? Apply Now! #shorts #squidgame -

Can You Win a Real Life SQUID GAME? Apply Now! #shorts #squidgame

Doctor Youn
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  1. They wanted to outdo Mr Beast, they saw how well he did

  2. POV: you want to join but you’re too young

  3. You gotta be 21. That’s little less than double my age. 🙁

  4. 이것이 내 문제에 대한 답이라고 생각한다😄😄팬미팅, 팬사인회는 여기 필리핀에서

  5. Dude I want to but I am scared aff

  6. So they each get 100k, actually less than that. Ya know. Taxes.

  7. You kind a look like the guy the main character from squid game

  8. Imagine playing red light green light and Dr.Youn shows up and makes you fall ☠️

  9. Wtf do they actually do that and do they do kill people

  10. My guy you are already player 456 you literally already have won XD

  11. I wanna but too lazy to take a headshot and full body picture

  12. It's all fun and games until you realise that they kill..

  13. Pray to god that Netflix doesn’t start puttin lead in people who lose

  14. Just checking they won’t actually kill you right? 🤣

  15. Don’t worry everyone you won’t die you’ll just leave with no moo-lah

  16. mr beast didn’t go hard enough I guess

  17. When it said: for non-us and non-uk applicants..

  18. You ain't gonna see me in the challenge

  19. I don't really want to die with my slow ass so I'm good 💀

  20. Hey Hey I auditioned and got in . See you there

  21. Bro (Netflix) steal the idea from Mr beast

  22. Sometimes I forget he acted as the main character in squid games

  23. My cousin made it on and I’m so excited

  24. Just a copy of mrbeast's real life squid game video.

  25. Bro you did really good on the show congrats

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