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Dalgona Game | part 5 #squidgame #dalgona

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#squidgame #dalgona

Squid Game. Take off the dalgona – honeycomb toffee, candy, in the shape of it

So delicious dalgona has a cute shape on it.
It’ll taste better if you eat it in a pretty way, right?
Take off the surroundings carefully so that it doesn’t break.

It’s a dalgona drawing game from the famous Netflix series Squid Game.
The area touched through simple touch and drag breaks.
It’s a casual game for killing time and It’ll take care of your stress.

Remove the outer part of the shape comfortably and make a pretty dalgona.
Someday, you will be able to forget your daily worries and feel healing.

✳️Game – Dalgona Game Honeycomb Candy

✳️Mobile device – Samsung Galaxy A03s(4GBram)

✳️Screen recorder – Glip

✳️Video Editor – CAPCUT

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  1. وش ذا الاعلان المسيحي 😡😡😡😡😡

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