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Did SQUID GAME Rip Off this Japanese Film?

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Did Netflix’s Squid Game simply just copy this Japanese Film? (As The Gods Will)

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  1. I’ve been missing out so much, I didn’t even know about the original film after Squid Game.

  2. Didint he write squid games 10ish years ago and no one would buy it

  3. We wacted this fRisT now we watched suipd game

  4. Both i think both of them are my favorite!

  5. No, Shut up. The people behind squid game openly acknowledge they were inspired by kaiji, liar game, and others. You haven't discovered anything, just chose to ignore a lot more.

  6. is not that because is the same💁‍♀🤦‍♀🤷‍♀

  7. Was it just in Japanese schools or was it in schools all over the world because my school didn’t have it

  8. i think this squid game did it better then real squid game

  9. I have so much questions💪🏻👴🏻🔥

  10. Why did they kill the students the students are good

  11. Squid game is only from Netflix and it had season Korea

  12. I was wondering why they were so similar?

  13. Oh no it's almost school doesn't start into the tent I think that might happen at school

  14. yeah they do get told why it’s about trust in the gods will everything is a sign of luck that’s really a sign of death and red light green light is in a lot of movies and squid game is a show that doesn’t have to do with aliens gods and more is about greed

  15. As the Gods Will, is a mix of two films: Elven Lied and Squid Game.

  16. Squid Game just ripped off "As the Gods Will" and mixed it with "Kaiji" to make it look different!

  17. If anyone had watched the anime “kaiji” you will see that squid game is very similar to it. Kaiji came out it 1996 and the writer of squid game himself that he was inspired by kaiji and other Japanese anime
    But there is a difference between inspiration and plagiarism and squid game feels like the latter as it so similar and there have been scenes taken form other animes as well
    What I’m saying the writer of squid game should have given more credit to the works that he was “inspired” from

  18. And people say As The God's Will copied Squid Game🤡


  20. In the cat scene where the cube was I thought that was Kevin the cube from Fortnite😂

  21. Squad game is from 1984 or 1986 so squid game is not a rip off

  22. Im not saying squid game copied anything but there’s also another show on Netflix that’s kinda like squid game and it’s really good it’s called 3%, y’all should watch it!!

  23. Actually, the script of squid game was written in 2009 so no they didn't copy.

  24. I'm subbing to everyone who subs to me says:

    Only diffrences as the gods will in japan squid game korean as the gods will a school in squid game an island as the gods will school uniforms squid game custom outfits

  25. squid game came out firs before as the gods will

  26. Just because they play games like one of them is red light green light and their Asian doesn't mean that it's a ripoff

  27. Did anybody notice that africa is in the wrong side or am i wrong?

  28. FYI…
    Script for Squid Game was made 14 years ago…
    And because the stories too brutal for that time, many directors refused to produce it…

  29. Just because it's an Asian show about a death game doesn't mean it's a squid game copy or squid game copied it. There's also another Asian death game type of show called "Alice in Wonderland"(great show btw). Also just because a show has Red Light Green Light in it doesn't mean Squid game copied it. Squid Game didn't create Red Light Green Light. It's a traditional childhood game all over the world.

  30. they're so different. personally I'd say that one can modeling another, not it's definitely not copying.

  31. Other inspiration alone with Battle Royale.

  32. You guys should check this out …….."ZERO -The Bravest Money Game"
    Also known as "ZERO : ikkaku senkin game" on netflix

  33. tbh squid game copied them cause its older the gods will

  34. Do you think that homeless man is to God

  35. Honestly why does this matter. Can there only be one type of movie 💀💀💀 ever heard of “inspired by”…. If y’all wan a fight on it I think it’s a waste.. it’s literally similar to American comics stuff like dc v marvel … I mean…

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