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Every Game In Squid Game Ranked

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These terrifying games will shock you! For this list, we’re counting down all the games played in Netflix’s “Squid Game” in order of how sadistic they are and how important they are to the plot. Our countdown includes Ddakji, Marbles, Red Light, Green Light, and more! Let us know in the comments which you think you’d have the best chance of winning.

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  1. Although red light green caused the most deaths, I found the bridge deadlier.

  2. Red light green light is my number 1 favourite (:

  3. 0:36 Ddakji as nothing to do with the game red light, green light

  4. My List

    7.Throwing Paper Game
    6. Honeycombs
    5. Squid Game
    4. Red Light, Green Light
    3. Tug of War
    2. Marbles
    1. Stepping Glass

  5. Give South Korea back to the north if they are so unhappy with capitalism. Ungrateful bastards

  6. Terrible list. Most of the entries should be switched, that is how bad it is.

  7. That marble game made so uncomfortable and so sad
    We'll miss you ali 🥺

  8. Marbles should be number 1, the rules were the most gut wrenching.

  9. Squid game was just an opportunity to beat the shit out of each other. Tug of war and marbles were my favorite. Tug of war because it was freaking intense and the strategy aspect was so cool to watch. Plus that freaking cliff hanger and ending! Marbles because it was a slow burn and everyone was given several moments in the spotlight before several of them were killed. Putting that after tug of war was so cruel.

  10. Best chance of winning? Hmmm. Well I’m blind so maybe honeycomb if I could feel the shape or maybe the glass bridge if I were at the end. Too many people and bullets in red light green light. I’ve never played marbles and I don’t trust my luck. And squid game no freaking chance. I have no balance and I’d be useless in a knife fight. Hand to hand sance weapons would only be slightly better. Tug of war would depend on my team and strategy. I’m not that strong on my own, but I could do well on the right team.

  11. Tug of war if you fall to death you don't get shot

  12. I have a fear of heights so having to face the Glass Bridge would be particularly terrifying.

  13. I think Squid Game would be better if there was no squid game in the games.

  14. Red light green light Surprising
    The Sugar Honeycomb funny
    Tug of war intense
    Marbles Depressing
    The Glass jumps Dark
    Squid game The End

  15. The amount of fucking ads in this video I got 4 double ads so 8 in total with only like a minute cuz I was skipping the vid

  16. 1) marbles (Emotional rollercoaster)
    2) tug of war (Builds up your love for the characters)
    3) Dalgona candy game (I could feel the intensity with every shot)
    4) red light, green light (gets you hooked on the show.
    5) Tempered glass
    6) squid game

  17. 1. Marbles. That entire game was so emotional and the stakes were higher than ever.
    2. Glass stepping stones. This game relies only on luck.
    3. Squid Game.
    4. Tug of War
    5. Red Light, Green Light
    6. Honeycomb

  18. Honeycomb. I would be able to easily beat that.

  19. I'd have put the Bridge Game last. I didn't like that it was completely luck based

  20. Every game in a nutshell:
    Red Light Green Light: Just what it sounds like
    Magnola: “You regretting your choice yet?”
    Lights Out: A nearly 15-minute epilepsy warning
    Tug of War: Just what it sounds like pt. 2
    Marbles: Probably the most normal one
    Glass Plates: Going first=Death
    Squid Game: Mortal Kombat on crack

  21. なぜこれを翻訳するのですか says:

    0:35: 7. Ddakji – Red Light, Green Light
    1:36: 6. Tug of War – Stick to the Team & A Fair World
    2:27: 5. Ppopgi – The Man with the Umbrella
    3:27: 4. Glass Stepping Stones – VIPS
    4:32: 3. Squid Game – One Lucky Day
    5:38: 2. Marbles – Gganbu
    6:53: 1. Red Light, Green Light – Red Light, Green Light

  22. Interesting, Red Light Green Light is prolly my least favorite. You don’t know anyone except Gi-Hun but you know he’s not dying so there are almost no stakes. It’s still really well done, and realistic (most people would assume he didn’t get shot like they did here), but side by side to any other game and it gets demolished.

  23. 6. Red Light Green Light (it was very well done, but there were almost no stakes since you don’t know anyone yet, great job at setting the tone)

    5. Honeycombs (set up a lot, and it felt more personal since the guards were right there in your face)

    4. Squid Game (great acting and action, but it was kinda just a fight rather than a game, it was an amazing scene, but this is a list of the games, not fights)

    3. Tug of War (amazing camera work, acting)

    2. Glass Bridge (stakes, it goes from 16 people to 3, it gives people a chance to have their own approach and you see some big brain moves, and that amazing scene of the glass breaking at the end)

    1. Marbles (acting, stakes, music, emotion, I mean if this isn’t your number 1 you’re just an action junkee)

  24. 4:00 did someone ever tought that making someone die by pulling is the stupidest idea they could have,since there's a chance that their bodys can break the right glass due to the weight of the bodyd,and everyone would die due to that.

  25. The easiest game is red light green light if the players didnt freak out so much!

  26. My rankings:
    7. Ddaki ( Last only because it wasnt deadly)
    6. Marbles (Yes, very emotional but the actual game or way u wanted to play it..meh..)
    5. PPogi
    4. Squid Game
    3. Tug of war
    2. Glass stepping stones
    1. Red light, Green light (first two were the ones i really wanted to rewatch over and over)

  27. Take away the emotional side of marbles.. ITs last even behind ddaki!

  28. The two i really wanted to rewatch the most were glass stepping stones and red light green light… So what does that tell you?

  29. I think tug-of-war should have been higher it was when the games shifted and the lives of the competitors were in each others hands. Before you just had to win each game and if someone died it was their own fault for losing. However, tug-of-war was the first time you had to kill others in order to survive.

  30. glass tiles game is equivalent of which children game? cuz i don't think children have free access to glass tiles for them to play a game like that?

  31. My favourite was the glass bridge, I was trembling throughout the whole thing

  32. I couldn’t help but shed a few tears in the marbles episode

  33. I think I could win four the honeycomb the tug of war and red light green light and marbles

  34. Pretty much all the same, but marbles at the bottom. Just a stupid game and everyone acts like it’s a big deal that dude betrayed the other dude. How do you not realize the oldest truck in the book? Or maybe the squid game at the bottom, idk they’re both just retarded

  35. Best games
    1. Red Light, Green Light
    2. Glass Bridge
    3. Honeycomb
    4. Ggambu
    5. Squid Game
    6. Tug ' O War

  36. Sang-woo knew the game was going to be honey comb. He knew to pick triangle. He told his team to split up so he had a better chance of making it. We know that he knew because he had flashbacks of playing the game as a kid.

  37. I really thought squid game was 1st cause it’s literally the name of the series

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