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Everything Wrong with SQUID GAME (S1EP3): Funny moments, reaction & plot holes you missed

The Salty Cobra
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A Squid Game parody (Season 1, EP3) funny moments & dub, reaction, commentary and analysis — including your questions answered, plot holes revealed, and ending explained. Yes, it’s “Everything Wrong with…” but it’s not CinemaSins (though this channel was inspired by it, as well as Honest Trailers, Mystery Science Theater 3000 / MST3000, Your Movie Sucks / YMS, and others).

“Squid Game” (Netflix, 2021)

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This video is for the purposes of parody, criticism, and commentary and is considered Fair Use by U.S. Federal Copyright Law as well as YouTube policies. It not an upload of the Squid Game, but only uses short, heavily-edited clips, most of which are narrated over or dubbed over. Please watch the full video to verify that the short clips have been heavily edited beyond its original form and used to produce transformative content, and thus clearly fall under Fair Use, which means that my usage of the clips does not require the copyright holder’s permission.

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