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Everything Wrong With Squid Game – Season 1

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Every episode. Every game. Every sin. Here’s everything we found wrong with the ENTIRE first season of Squid Game!

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  1. Just found a new cocktail my gf loves: pink army. Thanks for making me google that (btw, it was on a Belgian site, it's with Schweppes Hibiscus, vodka or gin, lemon and almond syrup. Not really my drink though)… Sinning you guys for making me buy almond syrup… Ping

  2. this has gone to shit, when did a character using hyperboles become a sin? now you're just fishing for "issues" within a show.

  3. You get a sin for watching the dub and another for also referencing zoolander

  4. God damn… had to stop watching, when i realised how faggy this guy is.

    They cant stop mentioning gender politics and being insufferable bitches, with the way they speak.

  5. Why did people make out this was scary series it was crap

  6. And hotel think this sort of a rip off both

  7. Government funded medical care for all in South Korea. This idea that his mother would die from, I forget what that was, is a preposterous idea. There are only a few civilized countries left in this world where that is not true. The US is, embarrassingly, is the worst of them.

  8. And that guy getting up and walking around soaking wet, while fully clothed, was preparing to commit suicide. I don't think he was really caring about being soaking wet and clothed; or about walking around like that.

  9. Hahahaha! Yeah, because when you are knocked out with gas, or any other substance, blood stops flowing through your body. Dude, sinned one of the main characters obvious blood flow in his neck while passed out.

  10. That is why the slide exit is not held up by any bars. If they shrank the slide by the 16-something percent you say, the slide would be held off the ground, correctly, so that when the adult rider got off, all they would have to do is stand up from a sitting position. Your math checks out; the slide is definitely sus.

  11. My favorite character was 212

    I now realize

    Though she's a girl, she's quite a dick.

  12. am i the only one notice the zombie talking was easter egg train of busan, due to the ddkaji guy played by the same korean actor who was on that horror movie

  13. I love this TV show, for me is right even tho you expose your opinion with this video

  14. This show is the reality for so many, isn't it? Debt-ridden, and burdened by the absence of money.
    I find the mixture of blood and violence against the backdrop of what appears to be a child-like display to be quite disturbing. Childhood innocence should be kept away from mature adult themes such as instant death. Additionally, to see human beings portrayed as rats in a maze is unsettling and a disgrace to all that humans are capable of. But I suppose the show is aiming to portray how the rich and the powerful view the weak and the desperate. The average. The ordinary. I suppose this is how distorted their perspective is. Truthfully, those with the ordinary aspects of life such as a warm meal, a good friend, self-respect and the respect of their loved ones are the most fulfilled. There are many, many things that wealth can purchase yes. But not what matters most. The intangible things. Love, Community, Faith, Will. The ones conducting these games seem to have no concept of this. Perhaps behind each individual mask is a hollow human being… empty, uncaring, unfeeling, and lost. Drowning in wealth and an utter loneliness.

  15. Size does matter, dude. Pretend otherwise all you want.

  16. He is not going to give a sin for the mystery box having a gun lighter when all the other prizes are stuff animals in the same machine?

  17. I was really surprised that u didnt sin the moment at 1:11:13 where he jumped through the glass like he was jumping in a pool, instead of attempting to run over the glass he obviously knew would break because of safety measures on set.

  18. was excited to watch this until i heard the english dub & decided squid game is the one show i'll have suspension of disbelief

  19. Like a loser, you watched a shitty dubbed shit! You imbecile!

  20. The biggest sin is dubbing great Korean actor Gong Yoo.

  21. Fun Fact: Although "knockout gas", which causes instant but unharmful unconsciousness, is a popular television and movie trope, it doesn't exist. Or at least it didn't like 20 years ago. When the Moscow theater hostage crisis happened in 2002, the Russian special forces used the closest thing they had which was a fentanyl based gas, but it was insanely dangerous because of the uneven dosing that occurred. If you were near one of vents where they were pumping it in and thus breathed in more of it in there was a better than decent chance it killed you. The number of dead is a little hard to nail down because the Russian government was squirrely with the death tolls, but something like 90 hostages were discovered dead and hundreds more died in the next few years from the lingering damage caused by their exposure.

  22. A royal with cheese is a quarter pounder with cheese in Europe

  23. I googled close up of licking. Smh. I had 5 min of enjoyment.

  24. The battery lasts so long because it’s not an iPhone

  25. 😂😂😂😂 bro you gotta do breaking bad. Show is so ass and full of cliches i hate it

  26. This YouTuber sadly is the biggest Sinner… 🤦

  27. You missed the fact that they put a note inside a boiled egg 😐

  28. One possible reason for the officer to place his id on the body might be in case the body is discovered by someone else that wasn't in league with the squid game. It would lead to a police investigation that would lead to an agency finding out about the squid games in case the officer currently undercover gets discovered. Only it actually backfired. Remember; the agency does not believe the story told to them and only one officer believes the story.

  29. You have obviously never ever been to family court.

  30. 40:11 numbers are in order doofus. They just aren’t dying in numerical order.

  31. I find it hard to believe that VIPs with murder & debauchery boners like these would’ve missed the first few games where the most ppl die.

  32. Oh yeah? Well I'm giving TVSins 1,000 sins for referring to him as "Seong" instead of "Gi-hun" and still pronouncing it wrong

  33. Wish you wouldn't hard-code subtitles into your videos 🙁

  34. 135690 Won is 100 Dollars. Figure out the rest.

  35. How do you know how hard it is to break a neck?????

  36. noob calling the dying legacy language that cripples your ability to make money if it is your first language version better than the human language version

  37. 29:27 whats this about ? who says you can decide what the average height of a 'male (whatever that is)' is i thought you were all about that wokenism

  38. The “slim shady“ ABSOLUTELY sent me 😭😭🤣🤣🤣

  39. This series was so big, but TVSins is only for discount jeremy I guess

  40. Can someone tell me what the sin won into original sin is I would but im lazy

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