Fans React to Squid Game Episode 1x6: "Gganbu" -

Fans React to Squid Game Episode 1×6: “Gganbu”

Johnny O’Dell
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  1. This episode and Episode 3 Arcane 😪🤧😭

  2. I find it funny when people said “They didn’t show him die” I mean they didn’t show Ali die

  3. Best episode in whole series I wish my father was here to see this masterpiece show he passed away just few month before squid game whenever I see shows I wish he was sitting beside me because we used to watch everything together 😔

  4. I'll never not be angered by Sang Woo this episode. I just can't stand him!!

  5. I’m really surprised more people didn’t figure he was the gamerunner from the very beginning. Really happy during death games, number is literally 1, says the area reminds him of home, the bad guy is literally called “front man”. And then an offscreen death is just the cherry on top

  6. after watching people get gunned down after losing

    "How could he do that?"


  7. Unpopular opinion: Sang-woo did nothing wrong; He was playing the game accordingly. Yeah, he was unlikable in this scene. When you think about it, was the purpose of the games to test people’s likability or morality? No; it was about surviving and winning.

  8. “y’all got some billionaires coming to watch this bullshit or something?” I legit choked on my food😂😂💀

  9. This is the episode I been waiting for. I knew everyone would be crying, broken, and totally wrecked.

  10. when everyone was pitching themselves, i thought, "ah, speed dating". also, so much friggin pain!


  12. Waited a while for this episode…… Best wishes to your channel Johnny

  13. I still get mad at how Ali didn't know he was carrying rocks around

  14. Why does he sound like vigilante 😭?? Either way keep up the great content!!!!

  15. This episode is by far the most heartbreaking thing I’ve ever seen in my life. Even knowing what comes next doesn’t make it any less impactful

  16. I heard the scene was so emotional that even who was playing Ji-Yeong the character that the camera people the scene were crying

  17. I thought Marvel hit me in the feels several times, this espidoe delivers those same blows and upd it ten fold!!!

  18. I can’t wait for the next three episode’s

  19. This was the one that was going to hurt the most. Sharing that moment of hurt with so many was going to suck, but it sill speaks to an amazing show.

  20. Man,its been a long time for Squid Game.
    This man at 13:58 is funny "God damn yall killed ponytail!"

  21. Everyone cried on this. This man unleashed tears no-jutsu

  22. KAzzy reacts is gonna about to react to this.

  23. I've been waiting for this for so long. Thx so much for this Mr. O'Dell

  24. I'm never watching this a second time 😫🐺

  25. Congratulations on the sponsor. I'm a subscriber since the Witcher and The Boys Reaction mashups. More power to the Channel and looking forward to the Peacemaker Reactions

  26. The one thing I wouldn't have done is sacrifice or cheat someone if I had truly lost and it was my time to go.
    I'm not going out like that.
    At least in my mind I would know I went down like a real one.

  27. This incredible episode…and then the show just went downhill after this lol. The writing tanked so hard.

  28. time to check back everyday waiting for episode seven lol

  29. 5:22 no don't "awe" him he's evil.
    23:55 Then, the ending happens and now I'm crying at work lol

  30. Please don't ever use the Machond reactor again. Everyone else was superb but she was just ear rape.

  31. When will ep 7 come out please make it on Monday so you can focus on moon knight

  32. The FRONT MAN game master character actor is actually the same actor who played STORM SHADOW the white ninja in the live action movie GI JOE.

  33. The most heartbreaking episode of the show. Hell, one of the most heartbreaking episodes of TV ever.

  34. I forgot how emotionally invested people were watching this episode.

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