Games of Squid Game - All "Squid Game" games in order -

Games of Squid Game – All “Squid Game” games in order

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All Squid Game games in order. ⚠ Warning! Spoiler Alert! ⚠
Watch Korean version here:
Watch Squid Game in 30 seconds here:

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  1. It would have been so funny if the first guy who went on the glass challenge managed to reach all the way to the end

  2. Now that I think about it😭😭🥺🥺 yo Gabba Gabba is better

  3. now i understand why mrbeast gave away 456000 dollars to his squid game winner

  4. What happens if they all succeed all 6 games?


  6. Hahahahahahaha player 1 killed during marbles

  7. 456! You won I give u 1000 dollar

  8. wtf is player 003

  9. It is a boring and senseless bloodbath promoting series…I never understood why such stupid series got so popular…

  10. ngl my psychotic fear of broken glass would've killed me in the stepping stones game. And NO shoes?
    "excuse me circle jerk is there an option to just get shot or do i have to wait the 8 minutes?"

  11. This 4th round game was getting me literally crying 😭😭😭as well as angry for dumping that Pakistani guy.


  13. Miền trung trời mưa mà có nồi cari với bánh mì ngồi ăn chung với gia đình thì quá tuyệt vời.❤️

  14. God I feel bad for anyone who watched this show in English. The voice overs are beyond bad, learn to read and watch it with some subtitles, at least then you can hear the raw emotion the actors intended for you to hear.

  15. What the heck? You forgot about the mini game where everyone tries to kill each other.

  16. Is this real or not because I don’t know if this is real

  17. These games seem pretty fun to play if it weren't for the killings.

  18. Now🥺😭😭 that I think about it on the end of the adventure is better but you are boys are the best to squid games but I don’t wanna play you

  19. They should name the last game squid punch because squid game is the name of the frog

  20. They should name the last game squid punch because squid game is the name of the show

  21. Game 1: Red Light, Green Light, Game 2: Sugar Honeycombs (Dalgona), Minigame: the Special Round, Game 3: Tug of War, Game 4: Marbles, Game 5: Glass Stepping Stones, Game 6: Squid Game.

  22. Is his real life as in they really die

  23. If squid game was real I would stay out of there

  24. The English dubbed is just sooooo off for me. Thought it was so cringeworthy.

    The original Korean knocks it out of the park.

  25. Squid Game Genres

  26. OMG this is just horrible. Who in their right mind would want to watch this brutal nonsense. It's not funny and it's not entertaining. People have sunk really low to call this entertainment. I suppose there may be some analogy to how our culture is often cruel and heartless but still this is way out of what a healthy mind should be consuming. You don't realize how this stuff affects your consciousness. It's like a plague or disease the rots your brain.

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