Glass Bridge No Blood - Squid Game 5 -

Glass Bridge No Blood – Squid Game 5

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The fifth game in Squid Game is The Glass Stepping Stones! This is a heavily edited/censored version with absolutely no blood or gore, and may be considered teenage friendly or PG-13.

If you want to see Squid Game with all blood and gore, go to

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  1. Simeone explain me how the glasses exploded… Did some of the pink soldiers shot them or what??

  2. batatinha frita 1.2.3 (concluído)😃😎
    comédia de açúcar (concluído)😃😎
    cabo de guerra (concluído)😃😎
    bolinha de gude (concluído)😃😎
    ponte de cristal (falhou)😭🤬😡

  3. Wow the overdub for this show sounds terrible glad i watched it in korean with eng subs now

  4. Hiii I love squid game I hate blood I'm YouTuber

  5. My yb5d5bufrumubs😭😭😭😘😘😘🙎🙇💞👍👎

  6. Please children don't watch this kind of vidios they should be prohibited my son is acting so strange since is watching this stupid videos 😠 😤

  7. This is where I'd die regardless because I'm extremely scared of heights, and wouldn't be able to jump from glass to glass and still maintain balance. I'd pretty much give up and let them shoot me, It'd be more pleasant than those 20 seconds of fall and desperation before death

  8. the vips are talking about player 69 and player 96

  9. I love Squid game but im only 10 so That så sad

  10. If your wondering why guards can’t talk only the square ones can because they are managers

  11. In squid game glass bridge you had to pick the darker glass.

  12. The english dub of the show was ok for several people comparing to the korean dub.

  13. Fddebrhd❤rueueeeoeieidhyeuruee

  14. Hacker join the Squid Game be like:
    Just Walk on Center Bridge

  15. I play and watch movies and games that have gore in them so I’m used to it but my parents think I don’t so thank you so I can actually watch squid game

  16. Thx so much. I can now watch squid game and even play video games based off squid game.

  17. He be wrold kes sas ti celea won twu trie coldnad

  18. bro new it was to hard to edit the part where the glass shatters cuz all the blood i like this vid cuz its relatable

  19. When I first saw it I was wondering why they had to take off their shoes it’s because then it would pull the glass down

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