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Halloween 2021: Giant “Squid Game” doll brings out thousands in Sydney

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Thousands of fans of the Netflix series ‘Squid Game’ flocked to Sydney’s iconic harbour on Halloween Sunday to view a 4.5-metre replica of the famous ‘Red Light, Green Light’ doll from the hugely popular series.

Commissioned by Netflix and stationed in front of the Sydney Harbour Bridge and Opera House, the replica is flanked by two masked guards dressed in pink jumpsuits, as it chants “red light, green light,” turning its head to reveal red eyes.

‘Squid Game’ has been watched by 142 million households since its Sept. 17 debut, according to Netflix, the world’s largest streaming service, helping it add 4.38 million new subscribers. In the show, the doll detects players who move when it says ‘red light.’ If they move when the doll is facing the players, they are shot by guns and out of the game.

The doll will be taken down on Nov. 1.

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  1. It's demonic! The elite playing games with real people's life's. WTFU

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  4. It’s all fun and games until it starts walking and chasing people

  5. Can't they see this is all DEMONIC? Can't they see what they're doing is against GOD? The Devil is laughing at them … Pray the Lord Jesus Christ instead!

  6. This is like the chinese knockoff of the real doll, but no joke, that thing is a part of Korean history

  7. This Horror Show Shows Who We Are
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  8. I’ve been traveling around the world. Really enjoyed Sydney!

  9. These people r soooo stupid. They don't know what's comming for them.

  10. Is it still in Sydney or did they take it out?

  11. And this is why people ignore global warming…😅🤙

  12. Poor people think about what they can buy with their money, Rich people think about what they can invest in with their money 💰💰💰

  13. bts kpop squid game drama korea ep9 saeson1 2021 season2 2022

  14. The dawg who said grab my shirt tho😂😂😂

  15. why Sydney? mina lee or Marina Abramović also colonized Sydney?

  16. Why isn’t she wearing a mask, has she been vaccinated?

  17. Also why are you interviewing people without masks, there is a terrible deadly plague of a disease to be afraid of, remember? I wish a scandal on y’all to bring global down, gl

  18. Squid Game suffers from the same problems as any other privilege test does. It tried to skipped past God. It tried to skip past personal effort and charity and help. It tried to skip past luck by only having 1 person possible win. Candace Owens says that in leftism, the state replaces personal effort, luck, charity, help, God etc..

  19. this is one of the most stupid movies ever made, it insights violence, i won't be surprised if someone copycats the ki**ing of people, So much violence, watch this space……..

  20. 0:23

    Black squid gamer: STFU OR DIE
    Old man: Oh and I love the doll and t-

  21. Bro why they playing the music it’s spooky

  22. On the photos you can see a hand missing

  23. The fact that it moves and its eyes light up makes it way better

  24. I live in Sydney lol I’m scared what’s next

  25. You can cheat the game. The doll has line of sight only so it can't see what's behind the guy in the front.

    Way to finish it is to stick behind a guy and move to the next guy when it's greenlight again

  26. It was all part of the plan, once the doll moves her head the guards start shooting (?

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