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Hellbound | Final Trailer | Netflix

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“I would like to welcome you all to the new world.”
All hell breaks loose
Utter chaos ravages the world

A Netflix Series | Hellbound
Coming November 19

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Hellbound | Final Trailer | Netflix

Unearthly beings deliver bloody condemnations, sending individuals to hell and giving rise to a religious group founded on the idea of divine justice.


  1. South Korea literally has some of the BEST quality series/movies out there. I'm so excited to watch this.

  2. The leader literally looks like TxT"s Yeonjun 😩

  3. Yo ah in AlwqYs best in every character ❤️❤️

  4. I binged watched the season today and gotta say I really like its theme and it portrays human behavior pretty accurately. Hope they will shed more light on lore of those monsters in s2

  5. Those who don't have a religion can interpret it objectively

  6. Korea and Netflix is like peanut butter and jelly, can't go wrong. First it was squid game then hellbound then all of us are dead.

  7. I was disappointed solely because I was hoping for an Asian remake of Hellraiser. Still, western studios make remakes of Asian horror all the time. So why don't Asian studios ever remake movies like slashers? Personally, I want to see a Japanese remaining of leatherface, from a slaughterhouse butcher to a fisherman with a harpoon who makes human sushi. Call him scaleface or something like that.

  8. Only Korean movie industry can compete against Hollywood

  9. Korean drama better than hollywood which is about prostitution, bullying and serial killer 😂the same over and over

  10. Is it me or Asian series have been better than those from the US.

  11. Nah, I don’t believe it’s better, cooler and more popular than Squid game.

  12. there is no police force, military and people are like dumbf_ks shown in this series.

  13. I’m proud to say I’ve always been a fan of kdrama

  14. I really going to stop watching web series, especially Korean drama, I'm not hater, but for making drama, they have to write like this story? I think they crossed they limit in episode 4 please, stop making like this Disturbing stories, you know why us better, because they make story like Superhero and science fiction or anything but there is nothing disturbing like killing a baby I mean they also in it but they not cross it. I they Netflix have to stop making like this disturbing show for publicity for making growth of famous, it's really worst disturbing show I ever seen, I really hate myself why I watched this story. Us make story with advanced science and technology but you know why Hollywood is better than any other countries cinema, us make movie with higher concept of growing knowledge and entertainment but not playing with emotional feeling of people, this is child abuse even it's just show or anything

  15. لماذا لاتضيفون الحلقات كامله

  16. It's giving a horror movie vibe and that's why I'll watch it at night with lights off. I'm lucky to get to know that this drama also existed

  17. I have co workers who wld be just fine if God made them one of those soul swallowing ape demon thingies.

  18. It was ok. Had a hard time getting over the fake baby, and overdramatic "bad guys" who seem to be cursing, just to be cursing (no feeling behind the words 😉 )

  19. The Korean produced movie is one of the best movies I have ever seen. I watched it twice, my sons loved it as well.

  20. I've seen a good few Korean shows and they are brilliant! Kingdom is my most favourite do far, having spare time I decided to give this show a watch and my goodness it's… Really hard to watch!

  21. Wow this movie is off the hook Hellbound I believe it’s a Korean movie and it comes in English it’s about people being punished everything you do bad these month creatures come and get you and punish you oh my God scary as hell I love it I just thought it

  22. I've been watching Korean productions since 2009. There are many I've enjoyed but very few leave me feeling as high, impressed and enamored as this one did.

  23. I salute Korea as a a country 👏
    Your series never disappoint ❤❤❤
    Love from Ghana 🇬🇭

  24. Someone drop a list of Korean series

  25. I don't understand why people hate and doesn't watch Korea series cause of subtitles.

    Like com'on bro you're missing out too much

  26. After train to busan worldwide and Parasite take the Academy awards,now korean movies make the level up!!
    The Kingdom,Squid Game,All of us are dead,and now Hellbound 👍

  27. I’m hyped for season 2. That ending was something else!

  28. I watched this it's really amazing , horror and action full series

  29. The CGI baby is the true horror of this show 🤣

  30. People claim this is a “masterpiece”? It’s basically blasphemy vs blasphemy and it’s not that deep either.

  31. The baby is like the harry potter of the series

  32. It it’s not English. It’s trash. Only exception is “I.P. Man”

  33. South korean drama + Netflix = masterpiece..

  34. This better get a season 2. We need it ♡

  35. The plot seems really interesting, although those creatures look really goofy

  36. I watched three episodes in a day and.. I hate it. 0/5 stars. But, in order to give a proper review I'll just have to watch the entire season.

  37. Just binged it in a day. Wouldve been perfect if it ended with just that taxi scene. But i guess they have to add material that makes it open for season 2.☹☹☹

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