How Contact Lenses Become Stuck 👁️ -

How Contact Lenses Become Stuck 👁️

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  1. Problem solved. When contact lenses get stuck, pull your eyeball out and remove contacts with twizzers.

  2. So everyone is learning a new thing and getting a new fear everyday 😂😂

  3. This guy never fails to make me traumatized

  4. Yeah than it goes into your brain !! No thanks. Not falling for it 👍🏻✌🏻

  5. Bro had to take out a whole FUCKING eye bc of an eye lense💀

  6. Yea I think I will stick to my glasses

  7. New fear unlocked cant find my glasses

  8. Why did he make them seem less scary than they are?🫣🫣🫣😰😰

  9. Doctor: what happend?
    Me: i forgot my glasses.

  10. I just got contacts and hated putting them in and out of my eye in the first place

  11. Zack before :- new facts unlocked.
    Zack now :- new fears unlocked

  12. This is why I still wear glasses. They look sexier and I can sleep while wearing them

  13. I started wearing contacts when I was 13. I never slept with them in, but about 6 years ago, I took a nap and forgot to take them out. When I woke up, I could feel the lens in my left eye had traveled up and behind my eyeball. No matter what I did, I couldn’t get it out. Seeing as I was in a rush, I just opened a new lens and popped it in. lol. But anyway, I went to an eye doctor because I knew it was still there as I could feel it if I looked up, but she told me there was nothing there. I can still feel that lens if I look straight up with my eyes. Maybe one day it’ll come out, we’ll see!

  14. I've had this happen many many times.

    WTF is with the animation?! I'm about to go to sleep, and now I'm going to have nightmares!

  15. This is why I would never wear contact lenses 💀🙏

  16. I once put an old worn out contact in my eye because I lost my last good one. Big mistake I end up scratching my eye and going to the ER. Turns out I gave myself a corneal abrasion. And I couldn't see very well cuz the middle of my eye was blurry. It was very painful. One of the worst pains ever. I put surgical numbing drops in my eye every ten minutes. I took from the ER not supposed to but I needed it. You use those drops too much you could go blind ..well I was in that much pain. I stopped using the drops after a while cuz pain subsided a tiny bit and I wanted to see again. I wore sunglasses on my birthday because my eye was all swollen. My eye finally healed up in few several days.

  17. so that's how that one lady had like 20 in her eye

  18. *me showing my dad the video* "dad did you had that problem?"
    "I knew it"

  19. And this is why I’m not wearing eye contacts

  20. i was thinking to buy new eye lenses,
    but dayum this video saved my eye beforehand🙂

  21. As an epileptic person, this is why I can’t have contacts….which is why I break my glasses when I have my episodes

  22. Bro's business of making everyone freak out is just insane

  23. Omg that made my eyes water, thank god i have glasses bc ppl keep telling me to get contacts. Like fuk no not anymore

  24. No "ZACK" label here – automatic "DISLIKED" 🤷🏻‍♂️ . . . ❌️ 👎🏼 🤦🏻 💩 🤡

  25. One more short before I get contact lense
    The short:

  26. Me just scrolling through YouTube shorts:
    Finds the eye casually coming out of the socket:
    My brain;☠️💀☠️💀

  27. Another reason why I’ll stick with glasses😅

  28. NOOOO i literally got a new fear… now I ain't wearing my eye lenses anymore…

  29. Lens: "Im breaking up with you!"

    Eye: "Okay."

  30. my eyes hurt physically while watching this

  31. i fr wasn't ready for that whole eye to pop out 👁️

  32. Which is why i never wear contacts 😀

  33. So thats it? Sometimes you can get sand or glass in your eye and it will act like a micro scalpel and will cut your eyes up every time you blink and move your eye.
    Stuff happens…

  34. Every one saying it's a new fear… It doesn't happen usually. And are you just afraid of everything?
    Come on people, you arent made of glass, you can get hurt and you'll be alright…

  35. I was searching up twilight on youtube and this came up 😂

  36. Oh yes, why not casually remove the eyeball from it’s socket. It won’t disturb people 🤪

  37. One day a boy lost his contact lenses, He started feeling pain in his eye so he went to sleep to ignore it, Next day he woke up in severe pain. he told his mom so they rushed to the hospital so the doctors did some x-rays, They found the contact lenses behind both eye balls, So they had to remove his entire eye ball, Thus he lived in darkness his entire life. (just a story of contact lenses)

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