How Squid Game Went From A Movie To A TV Show | Netflix -

How Squid Game Went From A Movie To A TV Show | Netflix

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“Squid Game” is officially a phenomenon. The thrilling Korean survival series is the most watched series launch on Netflix, with people all over the globe tuning in to binge the brutally compelling nine-episode first season.

It may seem like “Squid Game” came out of nowhere before launching to the top of everyone’s streaming queue, but there was actually a long, arduous process to bring this unique vision to the screen. Creator, writer, and director Hwang Dong-hyuk first conceived “Squid Game” over a decade ago — and originally, it was going to be a feature length film. Here’s the surprising journey “Squid Game” took to go from a movie to a worldwide sensation of a series.

An unfortunate inspiration | 0:00
Red light | 1:46
Green light | 2:49


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How Squid Game Went From A Movie To A TV Show | Netflix

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  1. Seeing as how popular squid game is all around the world, it's possible and scary that people might try to re-create the show in real life. Lots of weird stuff already happens in this world, mostly underground

  2. Am i the only one who thinks squid game would be better if it's a feature film instead of a TV show?

  3. In 2009, An Indian movie named"Luck", with the same plot was released but wasn't that much successful. It was ahead of its time

  4. Netflix needs to give this man a huge bonus. In money.

  5. That’s sad everybody dies in school game everybody deserves a chance to stay alive😭☹️😔 because of your giant squid game that’s kind of sad because you don’t get a life to see your kids and have fun with your mother or dad

  6. Squid Game ni bonge la Show…. here in kenya its a big bang

  7. Turning the movie into a series was certainly the right call. Idk how good Squid Game would be without all of the character development.

  8. につにるはtajpmiajgamdedbdafjdadmjdjmuwgpdah

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