How the Official Squid Game Trailer Helped the Episodic Kdrama Go Viral
Squid Game Trailer

How the Official Squid Game Trailer Helped the Episodic Kdrama Go Viral

The way humans consume entertainment has changed significantly in the Internet age. Back in the day, movie enthusiasts would use any excuse to visit cinema theaters. Any premiere was a noteworthy event that attracted tons of attention. Today, there is more content than ever available on-demand through platforms like Netflix. It’s not that the audience has lost interest or grew tired of media. But the variety of the available options is unprecedented. In this situation, producers have to think outside the box to lure consumers in. The recent Squid Game trailer is a perfect showcase of how it should be done. In just a couple of minutes, it presents a compelling argument for watching the show. And manages to succeed without revealing any twists or spoiling the experience. What exactly makes it so effective and why should the industry take note? Let’s break it down to highlight the elements that went into its production.

Lavish Promises

Squid Game trailer online

Packing a lot of information into a short reel is no easy task. Not only it has to convey the premise coherently but also be visually appealing. In this case, the goal was achieved masterfully. As soon as the first mentions started to appear online, thousands of people got hooked. They began to suggest their own theories about the story before the series even launched. So, how were the advertisers able to accomplish that? The answer lies somewhere among the following contributing factors.

  • The quality of the product is evident from the get-go. The opening frame showing a peculiar sequence of symbols that plant the hook. Each consecutive shot drives it deeper with increasingly more bizarre imagery coupled with eerie music. The project’s distinct style becomes immediately apparent thanks to contrasting colors and odd designs.
  • The accompanying narration explains the basic idea quickly and concisely. From just a few lines, the viewers understand the context and the potential behind it. The scenes clearly allude to films, anime, and manga in the genre of survival drama. The prospect of watching kids’ playground activities transform into a bloody tournament enthralls the mind.
  • After the initial introduction, dozens of questions start trembling in the brain. Who is pulling the strings and organizes the deadly competition? What is its ultimate purpose? Why are the backdrops to the thrilling events so deceivingly innocent? No matter who’s watching, they get invested and cannot wait to discover the truth.
  • Cast. Most Americans and Europeans are not familiar with Korean show business. Hence, it’s very important to dispel any doubts regarding the caliber of the acting. Thankfully, all the bits containing dramatic interactions are on point. It is clear that the characters are portrayed by professionals who know their craft well.
  • Plot points. The editors did a marvelous job of setting the stage and outlining the rules. Crucial facts are established within seconds. The protagonists’ poor financial situations and the danger they face are made abundantly clear. The excerpts provide just enough knowledge to form a broad picture without going into detail.

Things Squid Game Trailer Strategically Left Out

Squid Game Trailer Strategically Left Out

The marketing campaign lifted the veil of secrecy and gave a glimpse into the universe. But experienced artists know that leaving certain bits to the imagination is just as important. They revealed almost nothing about the masked figures, the hero’s backstory, or the possible resolution. It’s no wonder that after this remarkable display, Internet users jumped on the hype train. They were eagerly anticipating an emotional rollercoaster, and that’s exactly what they got. Every positive review praised the IP for its top-notch cinematography and bold stylistic choices. And after such universal acclaim, a sequel is almost a certainty.

Those who remain unconvinced should check out the Squid Game trailer personally. They are bound to binge the entire season in one sitting. Dong-hyuk Hwang’s IMBB page already lists it as the director’s most renowned work. At this moment, it’s difficult to predict what the future holds. The showrunners haven’t announced or promised anything regarding the next release date. Nevertheless, another installment is more than likely to see the light of day.

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