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In this video, I show you how to beat EVERY GAME in NETFLIX’S SQUID GAME!

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  1. Lol, easy for you to say on how to beat squid game🤣😂 what if its real? And your part of it? And goes with a different games genius? 😂🤣

  2. The old man didn't get scan in the first game… and his name translated to the one man and his number is one…
    Next time I'll tell more Easter eggs

  3. Wasn't the table with 3 sides a game to?

  4. Yes ive been waiting for someone to make this

  5. I also noticed something about red light green light. There is a gap of a few seconds before the robot says red light and before actually turning its head. Meaning you could still keep running when it says red light and stop when it actually starts to turn its head as the doll is the only thing detecting motion.

  6. Tempered glass is shinier and smoother? Because I saw that old lady in the glass stepping stones, where she saw the shinier glass on her right, and the less shiny one on the left. She jumped on the left tile and died

  7. How to beat every squid game is to beat every squid game

  8. that old man is a certified professional

  9. Just go to the purple line in the glass one

  10. “Your naturally acidic saliva”? Wtf? What are you a xenomorph?

  11. Fun Fact: The Robot Checks For Number Tags

  12. Game 5: Take you shoes and throw at the glass. SIMPLE

  13. How to beat squid game ??
    Throw the card away

  14. game 4 is my nightmare and 2 as well

  15. There’s actually eight games. Final dinner and nights assault

  16. For me the 5th game, there is a way that all can make it out. First, there are 16 people left so that means there are about 32 shoes right? Then each holds a shoe and try to throw to the glass as the weight of an adult. Because in the game rules doesn't say that you can't use your shoes.

  17. You are only explaining the movie part . I expected something different.

  18. Or just snag the marbles out of your opponent

  19. isn't the probability 1 to 65536 to actually get out of the 5th game alive? that one dude had 15 ahead of him so 2^15 but you have to do 2^16

  20. One of that is pilipino her is the no. 276

  21. So you just told a way that the show already said or tell us 🤣 i thought it was a way to beat the game without any death or minimum risk lol

  22. I dont think the detective is dead. It seemed like they purposely didn't show his body. And as we know the old man was supposedly killed but they never showed his body. This likely means the detective is still alive. Season 2 will probably have a side plot where we see the detective and how he wakes up after falling into the water and swimming to shore. The show will probably follow his journey back to the mainland of Korea where he will expose the squidgames. Also he was shot in the shoulder by his brother which wouldn't kill him. I think the brother did this because he knew he would at least have a chance of surviving. And Junho shot his brother in the shoulder when he could have shot him in the head. I think him and his brother will try to take down the operation together but the brother will be killed in the end. Also I believe that Sae Byeok could still be alive. It wasn't confirmed that it was her body that was turned to ashes. She could have been revived and become one of the soldiers. I think that anyone who is still alive for example the people who fell during the tug of war could be turned into soldiers. This would likely make them more loyal to the operation since their lives were saved by the company or operation. In conclusion I believe that Junho is most definitely alive and saebyok is likely dead however fan popularity could save saebyok. Also I hate Sangwoo.

  23. Tug-o-war was just amazing… because the way a simple kid's games was strategically broken down just blew my mind. The anchor, weight distribution, reliable leader, knowing when to tug etc. it was pure genius! Def my favourite game of them all due to the thought process.

  24. Did you make up any of these tips? Because they're gone over pretty explicitly in the show itself, except the low center of gravity tip for red light green light. Do you have any more original tips for these games?

  25. Want the revel real face of the old man, the esthetician make him old for the squid game.

  26. Um, the glass bridge, was there a rule that said you couldn't use the rails the glass was held by to walk across?

    If no, that would be an easy win.

  27. All the character's death were already foreshadowed in Episode 2. Ali is eliminated because sang-woo took his marble the same as he took his boss money. Deok-su jumped on the bridge and was eliminated in the game by falling off the bridge. Sae-byeok die because she was stabbed on her neck same as she threatened someone with a knife on their throat. Sang-woo almost commit suicide in the bathtub and was eliminated from the game by killing himself. Also, the old man died from a brain tumor. Gi-hun swore on his mother's life, and his mother died in the end. Wow.

  28. I played the marbles game as a kid and it was so fun to play with no gun against ur head. Also we shooted them with one finger not throwing them.

  29. that glass game could be easily won by just going through the metal bars at the edge. Ofcoarse it's not gonna be easy task but the survival rate is much higher if we used the bars. Need good balance though. 🙌

  30. 6:36 – so what stops the organizers from sandblasting the edges of the weaker glass as well? Then they would look the same. I bet they did everything to make them look as similar as possible.

  31. next thing you know there gonna use this for Roblox.

  32. to be honest, the easiest game would be glass tiles if ur upper body is strong enough…the rules never say u HAVE to step on the glass… just get down, use ur hands and hang from the railings at the side… and sort of money bar the whole way

  33. The easiest way to defeat the glass tiles is the fact that you have to take off your shoes. The person in front just keeps on throwing the shoes at the glass panels in front.

  34. In the marble game no country can beat india 🇮🇳 😆

  35. In the stepping glass game, i think the players could just reach for the glass to kick it or hammer punch it hard, if it breaks or cracks, it's a tempered glass . They could just hold on to the metal bar on the side that holds all the glasses and do the kicking and punching.

  36. In the game of Marble it is a bonus game if humans are not inherent selfish

  37. Talking about equality but when it comes to the 5th game who goes last will win. That is why the Lazy uses Equality card

  38. wait the Dorm brawl after lights out that was a mini game was that part of it also in epsiode 4 ?

  39. I’m surprised hat for 5 you did not realize that you cold just use the metal bars that held the glass and make your way through without even touching the glass

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