How To Beat Every DEATH GAME In "SQUID GAME" -


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If you were trapped on an island and forced to play in brutal children’s games, what do you do?

Thank you for watching Netflix’s Squid Game explained and review of how to beat.

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  1. wait…is the squid game a movie or is it real?-

  2. 😮‍💨 Wasn’t expecting Squid game to be so good and then I was hooked!

  3. Aaah nice now i know exactly what to do when im kidnapped and forced to win children games

  4. Soooo instead of just breaking down the games this thing just broke down the whole damn movie instead……..should be renamed "Squid Game netflix movie breakdown"

  5. Bro it is death game there's no point of censoring stuff

  6. Am I the only one who didn't like Gi Hun that much and really liked Sang Woo? Like I see why Sang Woo did all of that and he played the game the best, Gi Hun only won cause he's the lead character 😅

  7. The thing with the marble game called nun or whateva is they can just change the game if they wanted to

  8. The gaurds mask r the squid game circle triangle and square

  9. This may be heartless, but in the second game after I finish my game I would have gone around and crack other peoples candy to eliminate them

  10. I taught "Current / the visa ad " is also part of Squid game ??

  11. That glass game was absolutely terrifying. Did anyone else get minor "SAW" vibes from the show? From the death traps/games, to the old man being the creator and wanting to make a point.

  12. not sure why the "dead bodies" are blurred just actors and it was kinda annoying with blurred spots scattered on my screen

  13. well, if i were to join such a thing, i would be as vicious as possible, killing people at every possible occasion

  14. This game is called kill your childhood friend game that was funny

  15. Ask the game designers if you could be the cameraman for them

  16. That player that asked the protagonist for the first number in the glass game was so kind of him

  17. the best way to beat every death game
    Interview the doll

  18. such a great show, so full of suspense and mystery

  19. So who’s the best looking person here in this show?

  20. Lmao.. I fell into the Ad. It was smooth that i didn't know i was watching the Ad. ?

  21. The worst thing the main character did was bailing on his daughter again. The people who choose to play Squid game is not his problem. His problem is his daughter and taking care of her.

  22. I rather be red because I ain’t going to die

  23. Man squid game sucks this is why because everyone die

  24. First thing first just don't be a gambler or just don't accepted thing from strangers

  25. I dont know if my math is off but if i recall right they win like 45 billion WON to winthe game. but thats like 370 000 SE AKA swedish Crowns or like converted back in to like 42 268 dollar. You telling me they would die for that amount of money? And if they are super desperet ok it makes more sense but in the end * SPOILER!!!!! **

    He seems super rich and he gets contacted by like a bank wanting him to invest and etc etc but like 42 000$? How is that rich in the overall global economy? And if his simply rich in his own economy that still would not translate to any form of wealth on the global scale? right?

    He got 100 000WON per slap thats 84,68$ and yes you can eat for 1$ in some countries or even less..

    maybe im spoikled person living in a rich country but things dont make much sense to me.

  26. I have a question, is squid game is designable only for one person victory? Or can multiple person to win the squid game? Let's say there are 10 people participant at the final game, and lets say, the attacker group reach the head of the squid, could it possible all the 5 person who is the attacker, can be announced as the victor together?

  27. This vid is going my my, "Why you should never gamble' playlist 0v0

  28. why tf this guy reading whole plot what a dumb video

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