How would you fare in Squid Game? Test your luck | The Swoon Quiz [ENG SUB] -

How would you fare in Squid Game? Test your luck | The Swoon Quiz [ENG SUB]

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Wonder how you’d fare if you actually played Squid Game? You can now test your luck without the actual near-death experiences or sacrificing your life (and unfortunately without the real cash reward either). Play to find out how lucky you are and if you’d live to tell the tale 🤔💰☠️

Welcome to The Swoon Quiz, a choose-your-own-K-drama adventure made up of interactive videos that invite you to make choices about the things in dramaland that make you shudder.

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  1. I saw all the options and this super cool, I love squid game

  2. Tbh this whole thing is bs, you can’t die because u attack others. What about someone’s strength and mind and speed?

  3. OMG! I'll be gone once I see one person shot dead

  4. Can we try if the next glass is tampered or not by pressing our hands on it?

  5. 1st Game: I see the first guys get shot, panic but not too much. I get to the end in good time.

    2nd Game: I choose the star. Have difficulty with accuracy, and just barely make it out alive.

    3rd Game: I would have enough strength but not enough strategy. We almost lose in the beginning, but pull through in the end.

    4th Game: I suggest a game where you throw the marble in a hole. I easily win with no trouble .

    5th Game: I choose one of the 1st three jerseys because I think the game is about how stable the bridge will be towards the end kinda like jenga, and die at the start.

    Thanks for coming to my TedTalk.

  6. I think i will survive to the end end die lol

  7. I think we’re only post to play that if we’re grownups and we get the circleTriangle and square card with the phone number on the back

  8. I would truly participate when I'm 27 already

  9. здесь живой кто нибудь есть

  10. Cardboard's husband Oily Laundry !!! 💩💩 says:

    I guess i'll survive till the glass challenge !!

  11. im surprised cuz i survived till the end HAHA

  12. Hey guys new meme coin is out I just bought some you can join their group

  13. Dead as a doorknob in the first game! I'd like daisies sent for my funeral please!😑🌻

  14. I would only play squid game when there is nothing deadly involved and when I'm eliminated I get kicked out of the game rather than me dying

  15. Li
    Lees g/f g
    has a remarkable
    Lees girlfriend. has a remarkable. X. Lees girlfriend looks a lot like park zhin hye que no? :

  16. Definitely will die at 5 or 6 💀 5 if i survive it’s prob bc im at the back or smth- but if not I’ll most likely die bc my decision making skills is trash. And if I survive 5 I will die at 6 lah since I can’t rlly fight ill jst let my opponent win 👹

  17. Ho capito tutto quello era il numero di telefono di Netflix

  18. I wouldn't even speak to a mysterious man.
    But if I did I will just play till I lose.

  19. How can you survive the squid game 100% effective?

    Never call them in the first place.

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