Lawyers React to Squid Game IRL’s Copyright Issues -

Lawyers React to Squid Game IRL’s Copyright Issues

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Mr. Beast recently released a recreation of the popular show “Squid Game.” However, this might be a HUGE copyright infringement problem…

I want to thank Richard Hoeg for his great analysis and help in the creation of this video. Richard’s channel is @Hoeg Law. Please check him out!

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  1. Taiwan made a parody porn call Squirt Game. It's that illegal?

  2. This dude has 456k views…



  3. Word on the street is he had the video before Mr beast had his

  4. I dont think we will get sued because Netflix allowed roblox to create remakes so why wont they let mr beast

  5. If Netflix does sue Mr. Beast, it’s probably because they were butt hurt. If you remember, Mr. Beast pitched an idea to Netflix, but they said there was no interest. Yet, it took an entire month for Netflix to get 111 million views for the original Squid Game, and Mr. Beast is about to pass that in less than five days. But at bare minimum, this is free advertising for Netflix and Squid Game, even after the initial hype has died down.

  6. fuck legal precedence we gör YouTube naow!

  7. Some of these Copyright laws take the fun out of everything

  8. I'm sure Jimmy got his lawyers ready and made research prior.

  9. I'd be very surprised if Netflix weren't consulted already

  10. Technically no one owns these Korean children games, and squid games and Mr beast games are similar In a sense but still different. The producers of squid game do not own the rights of the games. They all have different standards, jus like how all these battle royal games are.

  11. Did MrBeast REALLY take concent from Netflix to reproduce a more family friendly version of Squid Game to be published on YouTube?

  12. Squid game is Korean technically will be legal in Korea under 사용법 1944에 대한 저작권

    edit just remembered you could say Netflix and squid game but they bought the right to show it and fund it they technically don’t own the copyright except for that Pacific season if the creators wanted to make a second season and put it on Hulu they could just not show season one it’s like Lucifer they don’t own the right to the first few seasons but on the right to last but since the creators are Korean Korean law would apply to MrBeast and the creators unless the creators requested American law to apply but for that they will need permission for the US Supreme Court and 킹 코트

  13. Its no copyright because its reality no movie

  14. Netflix won’t copyright this, they won’t copyright squid games on roblox because it promotes the show so the same thing probably applies to Mr Beast’s squid game

  15. You'd think he'd know everything before taking on the king show of Netflix

  16. Great video, gentlemen. Why wouldn’t this fall under parody?

  17. You showed clips of it and didn't alter to parody? Fair use or piggybacking?

  18. Mr beast is one of the most beloved creators on YT purely because he’s rich. That’s it. If he didn’t offer any money, any expensive prizes, his channel would have died off.

  19. So, I am one who never saw squid game. So when I saw mr beasts video, I chose to binge watch the whole show on Netflix. So he’s promoting it!

  20. Even if they can sue him I think it would be pretty crappy for them to do it. It's only a benefit to Netflix and squid game to have someone like Mr beast creating more hype for their show.

  21. Well anyone heard from netflix it self no so stfu everyone it not like mrbeast copy through the drama, and guess what even the mrbeast video now are trending and popular in korea, why TF netflix gonna sue mrbeast because clearly mrbeast promote freely over 2M Dollar was gone just to make this real life squid game and promote the show how TF?!?.

  22. U can’t sue me beast , he got all the money to take you down

  23. This guy made a video about this smh like do you think MrBeast doesn't have attorneys that he collaborated with to make sure that suing wouldn't be an issue? Come on now the dude has an army of people who work for him

  24. I assume that Mr Beast would have thought this very far ahead and licensed the IP or in some other way covered his ass he's smarter than he seems on the surface

  25. Netflix authorised those roblox games, the Korean government even contacted the creator of one of the roblox games, so I think he won't have any trouble

  26. Do you actually think beast doesn't have a lawyer on retainer to keep it legal

  27. Copyright? how about the movie squid game stole the name of one gamer streamer from twitch? who is stealing the copyright.

  28. Bruh Fr this the stupidest video ever made

  29. The only problem is, if roblox squid games are allowed by the creators of squid game itself, then its fine with YTers

  30. If Mr. Beast invites attorney tom he would be one of the V.I.P. and just like that he would saying if the participants break the law of mr.beast game

  31. Mr beast isn't the only one who make squid game at YouTube, so it's legal

  32. Why even shape is as "How much legal trouble is Mr. Beast in?" instead of "Is Mr. Beast in legal trouble over…"?

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