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Learn Korean with Squid Games’ Ali Abdul | Anupam Tripathi | Netflix India

Netflix India
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Us to Ali: No, neo jjangia!

Our beloved player number 199, Anupam Tripathi is here to teach us some everyday Korean phrases.

PS: If you think Anupam Tripathi’s Korean is good, you should listen to his Hindi. Catch him voice Ali in the Hindi dubs for Squid Game. 🥺❤️
Squid Game is now streaming in Hindi, Tamil and Telugu, only on Netflix.

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  2. What a great character he played in squid game. He is super talented.

  3. 1:20 korean latter actually looks like english latter see this

  4. 너무 웃겼어요!!! 😂😂❤️❤️
    하지만 그 덕분에 ❤️❤️

  5. He is speaking 3 different languages with 3 different accents. That's so so sexy to me.

  6. this guy is literally the reason i learned hangul and am about to start learning the language

  7. His smile always gives me chills💜
    He is so cute when he talks in Hindi and Korean 💖💖

  8. When he say 'saranghae' his voice❤️🥺
    When he say 'mai tumse pyaar krta hu' his voice🔥🥵

  9. been watching kdrama for 2 years but still came here to watch him 🙂

  10. aree yaar jabhi anupam hindi boltaa hai srk ki yaad aajati hainn ♥️

  11. He's the most adorable person I've ever seen! Even his character is so adorable!

  12. :35…in India it means no underwear 😆😆😆😆😆😆😆

  13. All kpop fans would probably know the last one 😂

  14. Love how he switches between Korean Hindi and English

  15. You guys know him from Squid Game , I know him from Sadia Rind's vlogs. We are not the same

  16. Can we talk about how he said "mein tumnse pyaar karta hu" ? 🥺

  17. We can replace "Sharanghae" with Anumpamaye

  18. Well if you ask me , korean is all about pronouncing the word correctly. like how are gonna pronounce " Annyeonghaseyo" in one go?

  19. He is much more better than Oli london😹

  20. Bruh when he said Sang-woo was his bae-poo I began to ship until it meant best friend and I was like😳.

  21. I watched squid game but I'm a kid but when I saw you in there you looked like my favorite charater cause I think your the best person in the game cause your smart great brave and hansome

  22. Yaha pe log khud ki bhasha ka ache se prayog to kar paate nahi hai (aur garv bhi mehsoos karte hai kai comment sections mai!) aur chaldete hai koryayi bhasha seekhne 😂

  23. If he was my teacher in school I would start to love school lmao

  24. The font that is used to write English here is chinese based not korean

  25. This is why he is my favorite actor, Netflix India

  26. Anuuuuup.;))) nice to see you, again. I want to improve my Korean all the time and it would be a pleasure if you would be my online teacher. 🙂 I hope, I will go back to Seoul, once and I REALLY want to be able to talk to all the people from the past 😉 It's been 5 years, now!!! love, Sandra

  27. 아누팜 형 진짜 성공했구나…

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