Making of Squid Game - Episode 3: Tug of War [ENG SUB] -

Making of Squid Game – Episode 3: Tug of War [ENG SUB]

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Tug of War was an emotional game of life and death, especially for actor Park Hae-soo who explains how he prepared mentally and emotionally to pull off one of the most dramatic betrayals in SQUID GAME. Composer Jung Jae-il also reveals how he captured the innocence of childhood and the haunting sounds of fear and death in the unforgettable “Way Back Then.”

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  1. Yeah big applause for the composer! Every theme song is so catchy, especially Way Back Then and Pink Soldiers. He give this series more life 👏

  2. Love how it's still relevant after a year suddenly
    Btw 1st view (or maybe not coz thousands are seeing the vid first 💀)

  3. Yo wee need squid game season 2😪😪

  4. Korean films never fail to impress me.

  5. squid game is an amazing show with great visuals

  6. I love how Anupam tripathi just speaks english

  7. It really takes so much efforts to put on a great show. It deserves all the praise that it got
    Felt so proud as an Indian to see Anupam do so good on the show

  8. Everything bout this movie is iconic …n i love how simple it was but at the same time also very complex n rich in interpretation

  9. 세트장 장난 아니게 스케일 크다.😮

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