Mr Beast Squid Game vs Netflix Squid Game -

Mr Beast Squid Game vs Netflix Squid Game

Ant Antixx
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Mr Beast Squid Game vs Netflix Squid Game

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  1. Breh youtube is drunk 4 comments but none show

  2. Ant Antixx Is Mr. P gonna come back in Intercity…? kaepS reveN lleW yzziZ

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  5. Things that made me curious in Mr.Beast's Squid Game:

    1. Are they using virtual backgrounds in red light green light and in tug of war cuz tbh in the tug of war it's actually the same thing like in the actual show.

    2. In the last game of Mr.Beast Squid Game did the players that got eliminated survive or like can they actually breathe in the coffin they went in?

    I also noticed that Mr.Beast's lost his voice by talking and talking in every game.

    Me: When we expect the plot characters in the show will also do the same thing in Mr.Beast's Squid Game but it didn't go like the exact same thing.

    Me: sad ere sounds occur

    Player 456 got eliminated
    Mr.Beast: Now you can say that it's not scripted.

    Me: Welp this version of squid game is very different from the real one lol.

  6. What if they fall off the fome in tug of war and glass panels?? 😦

  7. Mr. Beast + Squid Game is the best trend mix ever!

  8. im gona put a heart 1💙

  9. 8:22 now you cant say it is scripted procceds to throw chair

  10. RIP.nigt fox died. In mr beast squid game on glass bridge

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  14. Netflix Squid game: Deadly Blood Killing Toxic players
    MrBeast's Squid Game: Players and fans enjoying And lots of fun not violent No toxic ppl

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