NetFlix ने Case किया😲Mr Beast पे ? #shorts -

NetFlix ने Case किया😲Mr Beast पे ? #shorts

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NetFlix ने Case किया😲Mr Beast पे ?
#ytshort #youtubeshort

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  1. what ever but i think orrignal squid is better than Mr beast squid game

  2. Supercell nai bhi sponser Kiya tha . only clash of clans will understand

  3. The best isn't a good idea to take called

  4. reason why mr beast is the largest creator in the world 😎😎

  5. Par loss bhi hua Mr. Beast ko… Research pura Kiya karo…

  6. The 3.5 Million $ was from Brawl Stars the Game that Sponsored him

  7. I hate Netflix for these things

  8. ab pata chala. Flying ✈ beast ne apna name yaha se churaya hai

  9. Bhosadike. Netflix ke viewers subscription pay karte hai. Mr Beast ke views main utne paise nahi hote. Gobar business samjho phir gaand khujaao aur phir muh kholo….aur le lo mera apne muh main. 😂

  10. Mr Beast be like: agar tumko lagta ha tum aap ho to haam tumhare baap hai🤣

  11. To tum hme kiu bta rhe ho free kai views lene wale hum nai tum sai pucha ???

  12. મિસ્ટર બીસ્ત બ્રો મિસ્ટર બિન બ્રો

  13. 😂😁😀😀😀😀😀

  14. Fun fact if mr beast upload that series on YouTube no one willl watch it on netflix

  15. Jab rights Netflix ke pass hai to Mr. Beast ne kisse permission Li ?? Creators ne to squid game ke rights Netflix ko baich diya tha…. 👍👍

  16. Netflix: Ye kab hua? Uski parody video se hum kab bother hue?

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