Netflix Just COPIED Mr Beast... -

Netflix Just COPIED Mr Beast…

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Looks like Netflix saw Mr Beast’s Squid Game video…

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  1. I didn’t know that squid game predicted the future-

  2. Bro he better be trolling idk but this makes me so mad 💀

  3. Those people are stupid and probably five

  4. Im not hating on MrBeast but i think MrBeast copied Netflix first

  5. they started working on season 2 before season 1 was even released

  6. squid game was filmed in 2015 fu nfaact

  7. Mr beasts squid game is American but actual squid game is korean

  8. When people watch the squid game video by Mr beast, it's a Mr beast video, not a squid game video. People watch it for Mr beast. Doesn't mean there's an audience for it.

  9. That is the most stupid thing anyone can say cause mr beast even said “we made squid game in real life” meaning he copied it from squid game

  10. omg netflix copied the whole thing 😡

    edit: before anyone says anything it a joke omg I never thought I had to say that but yes its a fucking joke now calm done.

  11. I mean, Mrbeast did make squid game first

  12. The real show was before the Mr beast video

  13. You don’t that squid game make the game 1st and mr beast make it 2nd

  14. Squid game was created in 2021 hi video was in 2022

  15. Why does ppl say Netflix copied mrbeast when squid game came out in September and mrbeast came out like idk how many months later but it's prob the dumbest thing that I've ever heard in my whole entire life

  16. I screenshoted the squid game credit card 🥵

  17. Bruh get yo💀 squid game was made first 💀

  18. me checking the date ensuring its not April 1st be like

  19. Look how dumb they are, they literally said netflix copy mr beast when squid game is netflix's movie

  20. Uh bro netflix was first that mr beast. Just look at the netflix and youtube first netflix look at squid game created date

    And now youtube mr beast look at its created date

    Comment if you are a squid game fan

  21. Anyone think this guy looks like Danny Duncan 💀

  22. This is one of the top 1 meme of the dumbest things I've ever heard

  23. Bruh Mr beast said he remade squid game squid game on Netflix came first

  24. Jimmy is the worst content creator on this platform

  25. Okay.. What?? Squid game was made BEFORE he made the video. How do you think everyone knew about it?

  26. Did Mr Beast fans just sorta forget who FUCKING OWNS Squid games?

  27. Squid game was being created back around 2010 he never copied him 💀

  28. This random guys: NETFLIX CoPiEd MrBeAsT

  29. Bro he got the idea from squid games and even talks about it in the video. People really tossing it out trying to say Netflix copied him when he had to contact them to even be allowed to make it. Clout chaser 🎉

  30. Bro in the video it says “ This is an inspiration of Squid game” and Mr.beast got it off of NETFLIX!!

  31. If squid game copied mrbeast then mrbeast wouldn’t make squid game intill christmad💀

  32. This guy deserve to go back to 1 grade 💀💀

  33. Squid game is not a reality TV show and why do you look like Christian Ronaldo but ugly

  34. Bro… Squid game is the inspiration for the video imagine thunking it was reversed roles 💀

  35. I’m sorry but ALL THE YOUTUBERS COPIED SQUID GAME SO……….YEAH😮😮😮😮😭😙😙😙💀💀💀

  36. people are being idiots he said REALITY not the actual thing

  37. God damn it Netflix I just wanted a squid game season 2 instead I get a cheap knockoff that looks like a pile of alcohol shit

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