Netflix Launching Real Life Squid Game With Largest Cash Prize - The John Campea Show -

Netflix Launching Real Life Squid Game With Largest Cash Prize – The John Campea Show

John Campea
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On today’s episode:

– Lightyear Critic Reviews Divided
– Genndy Tartakovsky Signs Cross-Studio Deal With Cartoon Network And WB
– Ms. Marvel Episode 2 Review (Non-Spoiler)
– Obi-Wan Episode 5 Review (Non-Spoiler)
– Dakota Johnson Led Persuasion Drops First Trailer
– Gran Turismo Movie Gets August 2023 Release
– Squid Game Reality Series In The Works

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  1. 95% of the light year criticism just sort sort of shines of light end of light on the stupidity that meanstupidity that media is taking in order to get clicks

  2. I'm happy to watch this team any day. (No offense John…in fact it's a testament to how you can find and cultivate the talent!) At any rate, get well soon!

  3. I love this team so much. They bring utter joy to my days.

  4. Imagine thinking a kiss represents a “hoLlyWoOd aGeNdA”. Imagine being that weak and afraid, constantly in fear for no reason. Conservatives are dead brain🤡, its hilarious.

  5. You guys are killing it! Batman beyond team!

  6. The Obi Wan series should have been using flashbacks however brief from the 1st episode . The decision of the writers to seemingly put Reva on a pesdestal above Obi-Wan himself and trying to make her heroine of the series really saddens me She has not earned a redemption arc at all. I enjoyed seeing Hayden again but did they actually bother to de- age him cos if they did the de-ageing tech didn't do a very good job.

  7. I think you guys have some seriously unreasonable expectations for OB1.

    Easily the best episode.

    Stop looking for the 2nd coming of Christ. It’s ultimately for kids, with cool stuff for old geezers like me.

    Its got to draw in new viewers and satisfy the hardcore.

    *my whinge is, did they not have the budget for deaging a certain padawan… that was jarring

  8. Whatever you do…DO NOT WATCH the Disney+ documentary on the evolution of Buzz into Lightyear it has major spoilers! I was so amazed they would reveal so much about the plot when the trailers keep it so vague. Im not sure it will have the same emotional hit now that i know what's going to happen ☹️

  9. I love Kris hosting the show. It feels more equally balanced than when John is hosting (of course it’s his show so when he’s there it makes sense that he’s the focus, that’s just not my preference).

  10. Time. Stamps. Please.
    I’m about to nope out trying to find what I’m interested in.
    I love y’all.

  11. That flashback was great!!!! It definitely stuck the landing.

  12. another good Horror Musical film more folks should check out is Stage Fright, which features Minnie Driver & the late Meat Loaf.

    It's like Grease meets Friday the 13th

  13. Gosling looks old as hell as ken. Isn't ken suppose to be like 20 something?

  14. The show isn't just being written for fans that saw the original trilogy fans

  15. I enjoyed this ep of obi wan, we actually got some character development

  16. For the squid games reality show this sounds like a very bad idea that the higher ups at Netflix didn’t think through. However this could be an incredible story telling tactic for Squid Games Season 2.

  17. In my opinion, Obi Wan seems a little Soft, Uninspiring and borderline Retarded to me.

  18. I look at my nephews and my godson who are around the ages of 5, 7, and 10. And I’ve noticed that there’s nothing Star Wars related in their homes. When I was their age I was dying to get my hands on Star Wars toys and when the prequels came out the toys were flying off the shelves. Now it seems kids don’t like or care about the property.

  19. and the flashback showed the aging of Hayden 17 years too making no sense lol biggest issue was the lame writing oh I am not after Obi anymore I am after Vader not you!! so go after you meant nothing! I 100% agree with Rob about Jedi too the middle was boring

  20. Get well soon John!! We miss ya, but kudos to Kris, Rob, Ray & Johnathan for absolutely killing it while you’re recovering!

  21. Love the show, Rob is such a nerd's nerd. Thanks guys.

  22. The 4 amigos, very entertaining Guy's, your killin it 👍👏🇦🇺🖖

  23. Great to see Kris hosting again!! A natural and great host 😀

  24. How did Rob not say that the Grand Turismo movie didn't sound like the Last Star Fighter? Slipping Rob

  25. Yea Ray, cool story bro, but Bumblebee was neither a Mustang, nor a Charger, ever…just one more example of why a guy that doesn't give a shit about movies shouldn't be an on camera personality on a MOVIE SHOW…he might be a wizard with photoshop or whatever, but his disinterest disinterests ME, and I've seen many others in the comments that think along the same lines….

  26. Regarding the mixed recpetion on Lightyear – Did the movie try to subvert expectations too much ? If yes I think audiances have grown tired of this being overused and just want a straightforward entertaining movie like Top Gun

  27. That advice Rob gave about making a genre story sound interesting in our world BEFORE dressing it up with the genre bells and whistles is absolutely invaluable. As an aspiring writer myself, I really appreciate this little nugget of wisdom. Thanks Rob!

  28. I think Robert missed the point of the flashback. It wasn't about Kenobi's lesson it was Vader remembering the genesis of his resentment of Kenobi. In his eyes Kenobi was arrogant, overbearing, and never wasted an opportunity to humiliate him. The look on Anikin's face when Kenobi smiles at him in the end as if to say 'all good fun' tells it all.

  29. Why is obi wan such a half assed show and why make it a limited series they could've made it into a series that stretches from after ep.3 right before A New Hope

  30. Both Die another Day, and Spectre were great Bond movies for the first 30-40 minutes but went downhill quickly afterwards – Not saying this is the case necessarily for Lightyear but it shows not to judge a movie by the first 30 minutes..

  31. I feel like I'm the only one in this world who loved the killing joke movie. Not the biggest fan of the first half prologe sure. But I liked it fine. And once it gets to the actual comic story I thought it was incredible

  32. Pls let Lightyear make all the money. I want to see a cowboy movie in the vein of Lightyear from Pixar

  33. In regards to the Squid Games, this defeats the entire purpose of the show. 🤣

  34. Mr.Beast did a squid game YouTube video. He recreated many of the same game locations. Netflix might do something similar to it.

  35. I saw lightyear and loved the 1st act found it top tier pixar and the last 2 acts were a drop down but still good.

  36. I miss John but really love Kris and Rob's banters.

  37. I love Kris hosting she brings a great energy to the show

  38. I absolutely love the days John is out – The crew is so fun! I adore Kris and Rob playing co-anchor. Thanks y'all!

  39. Can Rob PLEASE SHARE WHERE HE GOT THAT TEE?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

  40. I see that you removed the viewer question title cards introducing the main topics. Too bad. Doesn't quite work for me. Just my $0.00002.

  41. I think some people just love to nitpick and criticise star wars these days. There's problems with obi wan for sure and many other modern projects. But almost every star wars film has issues for me apart from Empire. And I felt in the Obi Wan after show, Rob and Kris just constantly criticised and some of their points didn't even make sense

  42. 1:12:46 Definitely checking that film out! Neptune Frost sounds fascinating!

  43. Squid Games Reality Show—— “Maybe they can execute this without executing people”. Kris Carr 💯🔥😂

  44. Remember when Rob said he doesn’t want to be the guy who says Star Wars is not what he wants but. So the lesson from these guys is complain about it yet continue to watch for why

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