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“Netflix, this is NOT entertainment”

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Squid Game Netflix Show Drama
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  1. swear xqc’s tweet is someone else on his account. No way xqc actually make sense.

  2. the issue is it is entertaining despite being morally wrongs its not very good to laugh at people going from the most focused and determined they have been in life and for good reason to one of their lowest but it is funny when produced and made entertaining doing this dressed up as show thats main point was people being so poor money is worth more than anything else doesnt mate it better by any means

  3. well we see our future right here….the poor first then the middle class then no one is left….

  4. it's more like cheap porn, exploitation of poor people

  5. I mean, there's a pretty big difference between squid game and this, and it's that the participants don't actually die… Without the death part, squid game is just like any other game show.

  6. Lol, that ending. Greetings from Québec. 😅

  7. Never in my life did I expect to see an Asmongold and Please Stop Talking crossover. The person who posted the first tweet, SirMeowMusic, runs a hilarious podcast that's worth checking out. Please Stop Talking.

  8. There are plenty of messed up things comming out about this shows pruduction, but the "revelation" that the gameshow is in fact a gameshow, isn't one of them.

  9. The fact that everyone seems to be missing the point, and condones this show speaks volumes about the current status of the human population.

  10. Im just tried of people complaining about people complaining on the internet. Who cares?

  11. Twist: Everyone on the show is a paid actor. Only the producers don’t know. A reverse Jury Duty.

  12. I think its pretty evil sue me , hard disagree with, we should not be creating the dystopia we see in entertainment

  13. Netflix, Amazon, and many others have recently been ramping up on having promoting centers w/employee's paid to advertise their woke shit on platforms recently. I've seen a hundred ads for "blue eyed samurai" by scumbags pretending to be members of a community. Warhammer's "Games Workshop" company does the same thing and I'm so sick of it all

  14. this dude didnt watch the show or else he would have known how to beat that game.

  15. do these people not understand how privileged all the contestants are for even being part of the competition? what about all the people who didn't get picked to be on the show? what about the people who were never even offered the chance to be picked?

    it's so stupid so sit and cry about someone else losing a gameshow they willingly signed up for, when it's already a big privilege to be a contestant in the first place; it's just utterly pathetic to get upset in his stead meanwhile that's just the reality of any competition: there will be losers; and it's even worse since there's plenty more people worth getting upset for who never even had the privilege to compete

    the guy crying makes sense, but ultimately life goes on, and he will be fine; give it up to Twitter to over-dramatize a literal gameshow competition

  16. People mad that their cooperate, capitalist streaming product is being used to create a cooperate, capitalist streaming product!

  17. I mean it could have been worse. They could have killed him like in the original series 😂😂

  18. Dude has been scamming kids since 2004. Is now changed or just has enough money that he doesnt have to scam. And now this guy is here telling what is right and wrong. Asmon you are spinless.

  19. The only part that might be effed up is if they received nothing from joining the show since the comparisons people made to who wants to be a millionaire has milestone prizes, where they are certain to leave with something, but that likely can’t happen since they probably at least got a salary for the time they spent on the show.

  20. Kids growing up in this type of world obviously turning out how they were raised.

  21. They make stupid tweets like these because Elon turned X into a cash farm. Dude probably made thousands of dollars from that tweet. People just spam tweet nonsense for impressions these days.

  22. Thank you so much for this. Its a fun game show people chill the F out. MoistCritkal is included in this dumb list too dude had such an overly negative reaction to it as well. Calm the F down

  23. Real talk, this shit wasn't happening when this shit was insulated on tumblr. The second tumblr died this shit spread to all social media.

  24. "This is not an entertainment. This is the man who just lost everything" This is drama and this IS entertaintment. Ask Happy Chaos and he'd tell

  25. Wise man once said, "If you aint 1st, you last!"

  26. The only reason why Squid Game is dystopian is because people got killed. Do you think the dudes on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire who answered questions wrong felt any different?

  27. both of xqcs divorced parents owned a house and hes claling other people sheltered
    what the hell went wrong in his head

  28. Shit take. Yes it's a game show, yes he signed a release form, yes he chose to be there. But you k ow what else is a game shoe based on Squid Games? Mr. Beast's Squid Games. Give me a time stamp in that one where they show someone having a mental breakdown and then use that as advertisement.

    There is a line in game shows and this is far past that line it's not even funny. Or I don't know maybe it's some sick twisted indulgence that I bullied too few people in highschool to understand.

  29. We outlawed people killing each other in an arena for our entertainment, and even contact sports have all that protective gear now, so this is the next best thing left.

  30. Sir Meow with a furry profile pic, perfect recipe for a tweet

  31. I think it was actually kinda good, I mean it was kinda messed up but 7/10

  32. Social media coddling the weak and giving currency to victimhood is how our culture has become so warped over the last decade. These people need to hear this more often.



  34. They destroyed the meaning of what Squid Game was about. They are creating Squid Games and soon enough, guns will be involved and deaths, real deaths.

  35. If people think these contestants weren't coached to play up the "stress" and "suffering" in their reactions, boy do I have an NFT to sell you

  36. i don't get it? do they get killed in the netflix squid game? i remember when i was a small kid, i thought people really drowned when making Taitanic. kek.

  37. He signed up for the competition willingly, he knew it was going to be filmed, netflix gave him a fair chance to win, not only that they put him in front of millions of people, how is that a loss? This guy could capitalise on the fame, similarly in esports people win and lose, what are they supposed to do? Stop filming esports?

  38. LOL "Be the change you want to be!" "If you want a dystopia, we should become the dystopia, right?" "Dystopia is a good thing, right?" "Yeah, absolutely."

  39. Unless they actually kill people this is no different than any other game show with money

  40. It's way too staged. If this was real, you should see all the cameras and the drones. They create artificial drama (son and mom scene in EP1). Maybe that's just the American production style, just feels scripted to me, I don't enjoy it.

  41. The difference is, Mr.Beast actually did something with real people. I’m 99% certain the Netflix show has actors and plants. They already have 2 open lawsuits for the red light, green light game taking 6 hours to shoot in a 4 degree centigrade aircraft hangar, having to stand still for 20 minutes or so at a time…

  42. Netflix is like that one meme "We created the Torment Nexus from the hit book Don't Create the Torment Nexus"

  43. every single contestant is annoying af so it's just hard to watch. put in some ppl we wanna see win & yeah it would be dope.

  44. i actually thought it was pretty entertaining. Kinda dumb but i watched the whole thing

  45. Asmongold is really showing less and less empathy every day in these videos. It's sad because he used to be the voice of reason, now he's just saying "man up" to literally every issue that crosses his feed. No interest in anything beyond the most surface level takes.

  46. I dont get why people are mad. Its not like the dude actually died lol

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