Netflix's DISASTER Squid Game Reality Show? -

Netflix’s DISASTER Squid Game Reality Show?

Danno Cal Drawings
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  1. I can't wait till the Netflix documentary comes out about netflix failure

  2. Wait how do they copy from MrBeast? They just want to have the game. They probably never know what MrBeast is.

  3. We got this for all of the better shows cancelled?!

  4. Bro is acting like he's never seen a reality TV show before.

  5. “Inhuman conditions”
    Did they watch the show what did they expect?

  6. Netflix's squidgame is the equivalent of the springlock suit that that one guy made, but that is a gameshow and that it sucked
    (I mean that the springlock's mechanism was broken even in the recreation)

  7. Riggy is really Intertaining with Danno everytime

    (Even Riggy laughed when Danno laughed! And thats cute)

  8. Honestly don’t know how that show became so popular, I could only watch two episodes before getting bored, and I’m usually into reality shows.

  9. Collapsing day one is crazy talk about no work ethic

  10. I just wanna say that when this short was over and said now you know and then the next one is your house is on fire.😂😂😂

  11. That’s my favorite TV Provider right there 👏👏

  12. Danno and Riggy are so cold
    Ppl passed out and they were laughing about it!!

  13. Nah, let them COOK (their people are not the ones being cooked)

  14. That one rich guy:I'll give you $40,000 to make me win

  15. I’m still mad about people saying they’re copying mr beast they made the damn show he did his video on but better then Netflix could do


  17. I'm creating a show but no scripts it's skill and strength >:)

  18. 🟪🟪🟪🟪🟪🟪🟪

  19. Bro graduation from McDonald’s got the information out of the dumpster

  20. If u think about it hard enough they made it as authentic as possible

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