Netflix's Korean original series "Squid Game" competing for six main awards at Emmy's -

Netflix’s Korean original series “Squid Game” competing for six main awards at Emmy’s

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내일 에미상 시상식…’오징어 게임’ 한국 드라마 역사 다시 쓸까?

Will the Korean Netflix original series “Squid Game” continue to make history?
We’ll know the answer to that soon enough as – at Monday’s Primetime Emmy Awards in LA – the global smash-hit is in the running for six main prizes, including ‘Best Drama Series’ and ‘Best Actor.’
Shin Se-byuck has the details.
Netflix’s smash-hit Korean original series “Squid Game” could be about to make Emmys history.
At the 74th Primetime Emmy Awards on September 12th in Los Angeles, the Korean show is nominated for six of the main awards,… including ‘Best Drama Series.’
“Squid Game” could make history again if it wins ‘Best Drama Series’… after it was the first non-English-language drama to even be nominated in the category.
Other series competing for the same award include “Severance” and “Succession”.
There’s also a lot of attention on whether “Squid Game” will continue making history in terms of actors’ awards as well.
Until this year, no Korean actors had even been nominated for the top two actor awards at the Emmy’s.
But this time, four actors from the Korean series are in the running.
Lee Jung-jae is one of the nominees for ‘Best Actor’ for his role as the series’ main character, Sung Ki-hoon.
Veteran actor O Yeong-su , who plays Oh Il-nam, is nominated for ‘Best Supporting Actor.’
Park Hae-soo , who plays Cho Sang-woo, and Jung HoYeon , who stars as North Korean defector Kang Sae-byeok, are also nominated.
This year’s winners will be known by Tuesday morning, Korea time.
Shin Se-byuck, Arirang News.

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  1. funny how Hollywood ignored Korean movies/dramas all the years past but now they are jumping on this one because they see dollar signs.

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