Netflix’s ‘Squid Game’ VIRAL Theory Explains Roles! -

Netflix’s ‘Squid Game’ VIRAL Theory Explains Roles!

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One of the hottest shows right now is Netflix’s ‘Squid Game’, which has basically taken over the lives of MILLIONS of viewers, so for all you still sitting on this EPIC new binge, we’re breaking down exactly how the game works! Watch the latest Clevver News Feed:

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  1. wait a sec… arent they in pink though and not red? i could be blind though.

  2. I‘m soooo happy that K-Dramas are getting US media attention now!!
    „D.P“ is also really good!

  3. haven’t watched but love that k dramas are being recognized


  5. The Old Man made me feel betrayed 😭😭

  6. Why does the masks remains me of a PlayStation buttons

  7. Best show I’ve seen this year. Demented greatness

  8. The message of the show is make good life decisions or else youll be exploited by others

  9. omg I love squid game! so glad its getting attention

  10. I think red people are the previous winners of the game just like the front man who was also the winner of his time.

  11. It’s not “red workers”, they are hot pink workers. Pink and green are opposite each other on the colour wheal.

  12. Korean drama are now getting viral
    Well wow the fact that I felt I was the only one in my country watching any Korean content

  13. I feel so bad for Ali he was too trusting he was sweetheart with very overly Korean😭.

  14. The black mask with the grey suit is the game developer of the game. The ◼ mask are the manager, the 🔺 are soldiers while the 🔴 are workers

  15. I've heard rumors BLACKPINK will join the series, but I don't know if I should be proud, or if i'm scared to see them being killed 🤔

  16. It sounds like I have to use my brain a lot.. no thank you 😂 but thanks for explaining it

  17. This is what the generation be watching these days🤣🤣

  18. Honestly, I’ve never watched a kdrama before, and it was surprising to see that this show got SO MUCH hype within a short amount of time after it’s release, so I decided to check it out myself. Turns out it’s very addictive and keeps you hooked. I’ve binged about 4 episodes because they’re quite lengthy. Definitely finishing it today, and definitely recommending it to anyone who’s into drama because there’s plenty of it in this show.

  19. I just finished watching squid games after watching this news😂😭

  20. So I could have been a worker if handed to choose as i like red color 😄

  21. Well I loved season 1, the production and sets were really cool. Jun-ho needs to come back though and confront In-ho for what he's done.

  22. Did anyone else notice during the show how the drawings on the walls were a hint to the order that the games were played in? I noticed it by the end of tug-o-war.

  23. This show is so popular that even South Africa is a fan of this show

  24. This tv series showcases amazing level of writer’s creativity, clarity and storytelling, seasoned with desirable humour hardly ever seen in American TV series. How good is that funny Gong Yoo – Lee Jungjae slapping scene and that epic sugar cookie licking perfectly blending with bloody terrifying scenes. How much more famous itll be if it was produced in English that we dont need to read subtitles.

  25. I have already watched every episode love every minute of it

  26. I have a strong feeling that Oh Il Nam is Seong Gi Hun's father

  27. Dramas other than American I love because there so interesting and out of the box

  28. The writer/director of the show has already debunked this theory and said that the red and blue tiles in the game of Ddakji were inspired by a Japanese bathroom ghost story, in which the ghost tosses a roll of blue and red toilet paper to whoever enters the restroom. However no matter which roll of toilet paper the person chooses, they are bound to die. Similarly, here, the color of the tile wouldn’t determine the role of the person- they were being recruited as players only. Yet, the writer praised the theory, saying that the fans are more creative than him. [Even I loved this theory so much since it made perfect sense, but alas 🙁 ]

  29. There should be another season of Squid Game. The players will be the corrupt politicians, rich gamblers, executives who embezzles, drug lords, gambling lords, smuggling lords, crime lords, mafias, illegal miners, etc. Those who gets rich because of illegal activities. Oh you ehem Lord, you know who you are so come on and join! lol

    The salesman then will bet for more illegal activities ownership for the players. lol The games should be those illegal activities but in giant size form. lol Killing part for the players will be how they also kill their victims due to those illegal activities.

    Now that will be like Netflix Lifetime Blockbuster series and continuous season up to 100 years. lol Coz even if any of those ehem lords were captured, there will be new ehem lords to take the position. Then the title will be Squid Game Lord!

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