North Korea is Different Reality 🤯 #joerogan #northkorea #conspiracytheory #yeonmipark -

North Korea is Different Reality 🤯 #joerogan #northkorea #conspiracytheory #yeonmipark

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  1. Of all the countries we've invaded to supposedly free people, why the hell haven't we removed Kim Jong un from power. That dude is fuckin EVIL!

  2. And yet we are helping Ukraine…..a binch of racist nazis.

  3. What is more messed up is the leader is a fat piece of crap.

  4. Hard to believe this girl, she exaggerates too much

  5. Christians cursing gay people for making the world an evil place because it’s not natural or something
    Meanwhile in North Korea

  6. Sad man relly puts life into perspective. You may be having a bad day but if your reading this its probably not that bad.

  7. In Myanmar we r under dictatorship..there r already many ethnic Armed organisation that's been rebelling the dictator for 70 in 2 years time ..we form People Defence Force in alliance with ethnic Armed groups in Myanmar..we ask help from all over the world ..they just Condemned the dictator in twitter..and UN ?? What a joke .. hypocrisy at best…so we ppl take arms to rebell and take over the dictator overselves..the world is full of hypocrites..when shit hit the fun u will I understand her wht she is saying ..I hope WW3 brakes out ..we all die ..then there will be no evil left ..I think thats the only way out..if u say there is a solution to this hypocrisy..u r joking Urself..who the Hell Found UN tho? And ppl r playing gender while there is no food to eat no roof over the head place to hide .. dictators killing and burning ppl alive ..the news Channel like BBC and CNN pocketing lots of money ..ppl r divided ..evils everywhere ..well that's fucking life ..we keep on moving forward tho …never give up ..fuck all the hypocrites

  8. The only way America will “liberate” a country is if they have a natural resource the we want (oil)

  9. wow wow wow. you people listen the story??? read here: dog was looking at his organs while he was beging for food. :)))))) 1: explanation for intestines out is he was mallnourished and organs were coming out because he had 0 fat :))))) 2: he was alive with organs out :))) 3: not only he was alive, but he was beging for food too :))) 4: dog looking at his organs, wich dog?? story is they ate everything it moves, there would be no dog cause they would have eat it :)))) she is a liar and you all who believe her have half brain. she is obviously not very smart and she uses her imagination to tell the story, but seems good enough for not so smart people to believe her

  10. I want all you maniac,leftist, DEMONcrat voting America hater’s to take yourselves to North Korea and then beg for mercy to come home

  11. Omg this is so horrific and terrible. I would give anything if she would lay down a foundation of a story about her escape and everything for Mr. Ballin, the best storyteller on YouTube, too Narrate 😮and tale that story that would be amazing.

  12. I she said they got rid of all of the dogs

  13. The west doesnt have real problems. They create petty silly things. And call them problems

  14. Big Joe, I think you are bigger than this type of fake news. The simple truth is that no country on earth has ever come close to the vicious propaganda the DPRK has experienced for the western media. Just look at how the fake news media is telling the whole world that Ukraine is winning the war with Russia when the reverse is the case.
    If DPRK was as poor they want you to believe, why is the USA so afraid of their military ? You see, life is not easy in DPRK, but they are way way better than many countries in Africa, Asia, and central America.

  15. TRUMP was on the cerge of getting those ppl help…. Joe biden stepped in and now theres wars, gas price at $4/gal, gender confused ppl everywhere and north Korea is still norfa kureeya

  16. How tha hell does she know all the stories. She left that rat house long ago. Kim left her to tell the tale

  17. Sooo sooo sick too bad for them, they don't have oil. They're living under the rule of SERIAL KILLERS where are the good hearted fighting to help these human beings who live but for the pleasure of a Demon.

  18. @fttball you are very ignorant but let's say for the sake of ignorance she is being dramatic soòo what even if just 60% is verifiable it's gross horrendous and criminal, it's government torture of its own people . By the hands of monsters.

  19. She’s lying lol she’s not from
    North Korea

  20. The leader of the higher up needs to step aside(and die) and let people survive let alone live!!!
    Evil f,,k!

  21. Maybe death is too good for the regime/people who let this go on and on?
    Maybe the people who watch and let this s,,t go on and on should have the same fate!?
    Am I included in this?
    This that makes me hate myself…..

  22. I know she's being propped up for propaganda n stuff against n. Korea, but there is nooo way she will know such intimate details (such as that hospital) etc..having left the country at such a young age

  23. Why don't they kill their dictator and free those people

  24. That’s absolutely disgusting. How does one person knowingly do this to thousand of real people

  25. Awww man thats fukn horrible to hear 😢

  26. She might be speaking true because it seems so genuine to trust her.

  27. And we wage wars for profit to the tune of 700 million dollars per day. 😭

  28. support for Trump to make friends with North it's a start to possible and positive change it's the normal people who are suffering

  29. And Trump loves Kim what does that tell you ?

  30. Why does the camera have to follow every move of her head. It’s giving me a headache

  31. Mid journey: let me imagine how that would be

  32. People who say she changes her story aren't listening. Get her books 2 📚 you will read everything she said is consistent. I have watched most of her shorts & guest shows if they are not in order it's because they themselves are not consistent.
    Yeonmi is truly an incredible young woman. 💞🙏

  33. This chick is lying, fakeass memories

  34. If America give up their guns those problems will become our problems

  35. Damn… where can you listen to the.whole vids?

  36. That Kim picture made me fall of my chair

  37. And we have teenagers crying about theyre phone being taken away from their parents.

  38. Bruh she doesn’t mean out of his back she means out of his ass.. Google it extreme malnourishment causes intestinal prolapse

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