North Korean Squid Game -

North Korean Squid Game

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  1. Its interesting that north korea does there north korean rip-off shows

  2. The funniest thing is, Squid Game is a big argue against capitalism

  3. such great people, the losers also get what the winner gets, such great people X3

  4. "Guten Tag" is german, Gud tag or similar is norwegian

  5. Fun fact: North Koreans have Japanese accents and eat dim sum for some reason. The more you know

  6. I mean, if there is anything too fucked up to joke about this might be it. Idk just thinking what Yeonmi Park would think of this…

  7. Anyone else sort of hoping we go to "war" with them next?
    Such a joke of a nation and literally 60 years behind in tech and missiles.
    I am really tired of our country (the US) and the world pretending to acknowledge north korea as any sort of real threat.
    Its almost like the world or NATO is setting them up to be the next "live fire exorcise"

  8. The presentor of "nord Korean squid game" literally seems like most of the Chinese people I get to know in forums lmfao.

  9. I could see North Korea really doing this. Pretty sure all of the citizens would volunteer for this

  10. 𝕞𝕖𝕕𝕚𝕔_𝕞𝕖𝕞𝕖𝕣 says:

    0:00 im american and this is even better

  11. This guy sounds like the guy from Team America

  12. The North Korean guards would prolly have AKs or type 56 rifles

  13. I need help with my student roans too

  14. Unrealistic, they wouldn't be able to afford mp5s and functional revolvers

  15. I like how 252 tried to move closer to eat him.

  16. Love how non of the citizens say anything. Just stare up at the bowl of meat.

  17. Wouldn't a North Korean Squid Game be called a Hunger Game?

  18. North Koreans don't refer to themselves as north Koreans, but simply as Koreans.

    They also would never call their country north Korea, but just simply Korea, or Democratic People's Republic of Korea.

  19. Wht do they have MP5s if NK is equipped with AKs?

  20. 사우스 코리아가 아니라 노오스 코리아야

  21. 상당히 역겹지만 매우 정확한 풍자다. 북한의 굶어죽는 청년들이 이 영상을 봐야한다.

  22. 💯 accurate description of communist population. Sad but true. If you go Cuba right now 2023 you will see the people exactly like the guy at minute 2:15

  23. Why play for dood when they can play to leave North korea forever

  24. title:poopy games
    prize:a burger
    punishment:eating poop and getting shot

  25. Thought we supposed to avoid society that's why I'm avoiding society

  26. Me hearing the saw noise in the background

  27. Lmao. This is stupid as fuck seeing as squid game was supposed to be criticizing capitalism

  28. Sounds a lot like the Asian imitators from South Park.

  29. One tiny inaccuracy: Kim not referring to North Korea as simply Korea.

  30. Hmm, the leader said 53 was 'going back home', but it was actually player number 57 😛 I guess they need to wash their uniforms better ^^

  31. Yooooo the guy was ready to eat that body

  32. This reminds me of that one asian guy in south park “herro welcome to shitty wok”

  33. The fact that we didn’t get more of this is honestly sad

  34. the whole country of noth Korea IS squid game

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