Perfect Match Season 2 - Episodes 1-3 Discussion | NETFLIX -

Perfect Match Season 2 – Episodes 1-3 Discussion | NETFLIX

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We discuss episodes 1-3 of a Perfect Match. The show is hosted by Nick Lachey and introduces contestants from previous Netflix shows (Surviving Paradise, Love Is Blind, The Circle, The Ultimatum, Too Hot To Handle) to match up and find love.

We’d love to hear what your thoughts are, join in on the discussion!

Alara Taneri 24 Dated and Related
Brittan Byrd 23 Too Hot to Handle 4
Chris Hahn 28 Dated and Related
Christine Obanor 27 Too Hot to Handle 5
Elys Hutchinson 24 Too Hot to Handle 5
Harry Jowsey 27 Too Hot to Handle 1
Holly Scarfone 25 Too Hot to Handle 3
Jessica Vestal 29 Love Is Blind 6
Justin Assada 26 Surviving Paradise
Kaz Bishop 31 Dated and Related
Melinda Melrose 31 Too Hot to Handle 2
Micah Lussier 28 Love Is Blind 4
Nigel Jones 30 Too Hot to Handle 4
Stevan Ditter 29 Too Hot to Handle 3
Tolú Ekundare 26 The Trust: A Game of Greed
Trevor Sova 31 Love Is Blind 6
Dom Gabriel 29 The Mole 6
Jake Cunningham 29 The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On Eliminated
Dominique Defoe 24 Too Hot to Handle 4
Xanthi Perdikomatis 25 The Circle 5
Bryton Constantin 23 Squid Game: The Challenge
Izzy Zapata 32 Love is Blind 5

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  1. I'm still on episode 1 – I'm going to go ahead and say, Dominique only wants Bryton because it's a f*cking toxic attraction!!!Trust me, I know!!! I'm attracted to toxic a** men!!!She wants him because he's toxic AF!!!Chris is too nice and boring…Women tend to like what is bad for them…Honestly, good guy's really do finish last🤦‍♀️😬🤷‍♀️

  2. Izzy’s too old/mature for this show.. I agree. He should probably date a 40 y/o since he looks like he’s 40, honestly.

  3. I would’ve loved to be paired with Bryton just to use my narcissistic repellent tactics on him 😊

  4. Finally! Missed you guys!! I’m on 8 so almost done!

  5. What a mess it was…..felt like the challenges were designed by a teenage boy…..

  6. Chris did come in pretty strong. If Britton would have fired off on him he'd look stupid.

  7. Oh Ashleigh don’t be taken in by Harry. He doesn’t want to change. He likes himself exactly the way he is and he’s perfected his cry baby “it hurts my feelings when you don’t trust me” routine. He’s a piece of shit human. Any woman who gives him the time of day deserves what she gets because he’s a walking red flag. 🚩

  8. Dom fam im sorry, there is no growth from him. Its like someone did this to me last season and im gonna do that to someone this season😮😅

  9. Hmmm 26:15 idk man, I don`t think she`s there to find love hehe. If a single mother has the chance to go on a show like that to get more popular therefore have more money to help her raise her child, I don`t see a problem with it.

  10. The only people who say yoga is not a workout are people who have never done yoga. Many so called fit people cannot sustain the breath control while holding yoga poses. Yoga recruits muscles you don’t even know you have. I lift, and yet yoga humbles me.

  11. A big reason why what Chris said was offensive is bc he says he's interested in it "and what doors it could open for him" and we all know what that meant. People don't ask straight women if they'd do a 3sum with another guy just cause they're straight, Chris was oversexulizing her.

    It's so interesting to see Izzy on this show after LIB and he came off as an fboy there. I think he's a different breed of fboy that gets girls by pretending he's a nice, gentle, safe guy and falling in love with everyone. That's how I felt on LIB and this just confirmed it these girls are not about it 😂

  12. Harry is so cringe. He cannot go two or three ATM interviews without mentioning $ex and how many exes he has.

  13. Truly the best way to describe it- “All the Netflix rejects in one show” never been soo underwhelmed didn’t make it past episode 3 doubt I’ll be back

  14. I watched the first 10 mins and turned it off. I could not get through this season. So thankful to watch here instead hahaha

  15. Yoga is a workout. Do it for 10 minutes, and you'll see. 🤦‍♀️

  16. Xanthi is one of my faves also bc I saw her season of the circle too. She seems kind and classy. I didn’t think she’d be on a show like this 😂

  17. Nice channel, nice hosts, good point of views. I like it!!!❤

  18. Straight white men urk me on these types of shows like we get it 🙄

  19. I think season 2 is way better than season 1. I almost didn't watch this season because I didn't like last season

  20. Izzy was so cringy & Micah curved him HARD, but it was funny! Izzy: when your preference doesn’t prefer you 😂

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