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Hey guys, Its Tayo!! Here’s a brief summary of my time on Netflix’s Squid Game – The Challenge. Comment below what other questions you have / what else you want to know and i’ll make a part 2

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  1. When your ship got sunk I was like “NO NOT ABNORMAL BEINGS!”

  2. Just want to say congrats on being first in Red Light Green Light!

  3. I thought you will be the one who win honestly, peace from France !

  4. คุณคืออีกหนึ่งคนที่ฉันเอาใจช่วย น่าเสียดาย ที่ตกรอบ

  5. Just one thing on my mind when watching the Netflix series, were various contestants such as yourself, Dash, Trey, Trey's Mum, Adrian, Dani, Kyle, and Bryton taken away DURING dorm time for interviews, or did they happen right after each game? I assumed the latter, but I'm not sure.

    Also, I don't remember if you were interviewed too but we hear you say "I can't believe it, Number 107- one step closer to winning that bag of money" as if you were being interviewed behind the scenes.

  6. have you done you're calisthenics workouts during the show ?

  7. Of course ur back, u gotta milk the content since u were on a big netflix series 😂

  8. Is it true that they added time for the mother and son duo during red light green light? Or that contestants got cut even after crossing the finish line on time because they had too many people?

  9. I saw 432’s interview and he says that he broke his cookie but passed so he was surprised, do you know of any other similar stories like that? Also do you still keep contact with the other contestants?

  10. I think the high potential for injury is why they didn’t do tug of war. The amount of people getting injured would have resulted in lawsuits or the show just halting mid-production entirely.

  11. The dorm elimination is just savage. Especially after one have work hard to overcome the game/challenge. If people think you’re a threat, you go oit just like that.

  12. I thought i recognized you…I used to follow your H.I.T.T workouts 💪🏽

  13. Dude, thanks for the sharing. I hope they make this show routine every year

  14. It's gonna be interesting if you do QnA video about this show. Just let people cure their curiosity.

  15. What time did you guys sleep and wake up?

  16. I applied also but didn't get in (obviously) but now I'm kind of glad I didn't. I knew filming would make these kinds of things difficult because of the different angles, reaction shots, things like that, but I didn't realize how intense it would be. I would have been gone in round one.

  17. I was so proud of you when you passed your dalgona!!

  18. Ok so u were one of my favorites, like ur personality was everything! Quick question, did u dislike any of the contestants or had any bad feelings about them? Expanding on that, was Brayton actually that unlikeable irl? You dont have to answer any of these questions just wondering:)

  19. Thanks for sharing you experience. As a person who is in production im curious to know how many cameras were in the dorms and howcthey were able to monitor all those mics.

  20. Imma keep it real with you, but the first episode was insufferable to watch. Everything feels so scripted and so extra. When player 200 gets eliminated everyone starts to cry for no reason, like bruhh y’all don’t even know who that was.

  21. loved your performance such a great character good work bro👍

  22. If they used actuall real people and didnt script the actors this wouldve been a great show…but its fake bullsh@t and the sheeple got a look into the socialism your government wants to implement..sounds crazy right? Your about to find out in real-time

  23. Man 432 idk why but got under my skin!!!!!!!😂😂😂😂😂

  24. Bruv as soon as i heard that london accent when you made it first in the frist round me and my brother were like, thats our guy right there

  25. Were there any rules against fighting or romantic/intimate relationships with other players?

  26. Interesting, a lot of people had suspicions that the show was scripted with actors/influencers.

    Specifically 432/Bryton seemed like he was a plant or told to be a villain.. I mean who actually goes around saying “I have No sympathy’s for anyone, I hate everyone” lol

    So it was actually real then?

  27. Bro you were my favorite on the whole show! Dawg I was so surprised when you won the umbrella challenge!

  28. LMAO I just started watching and saw you in it immediately went to your channel 😂

  29. Is it true that it was cold in the dorms too? I was rooting for you so it was a bummer you had to leave.

  30. The fact that you were the first to cross the line in Red Light Green Light AND beat the Umbrella cookie. In terms of the "skill" aspect of the game, that's a win already.

  31. well!!!…….. whatever is your perception on this show but from viewers perception this show is doesn't stand if we compare with the season 1 of squid game. Squid game the challenge is clearly clearly an average show and personally I didn't like it because we didn't feel that kind of Goosebumps ,excitement & thrills and addictiveness of the show. In a brief way it was clearly a Bigg Boss India reality shows alike even theme was similar to that …….. Only nomination of the contestant has taken place in the 90% of the show there was nothing interesting and overall show was with dull and boring concept😢😢.

  32. Do you get to bring your luggage and other toiletries?

  33. How many cameras are there in your sleeping hall and were you are aware when the cam's were on you? And do they rili listen to all your conversations?

  34. Was the tension between gangs and people real?

  35. Super cool to see your video! I’m glad you’ve been thriving since everything wrapped! My family was super impressed with how good you were at everything – you have fans all the way in Idaho! -Player 120

  36. Was 432 a terrible person irl or was it edited to be that way

  37. I just watched the first episode and recognised you straight away. I’ll watch your vid after the end of the season! Hope you win it though!

  38. Came searching for you cuz I knew you looked familiar we had to confirm for myself

  39. Haha had to come to the channel! Was watching and I’m like, that dude look familiar 🤔🤨😂😂

  40. I loved you in the show, but it sucks how the producers didnt give you any screen time despite killing the first two challenges. Like they were showing only irrelevant white people lmao

  41. Part 2 pls 🙏🙏🙏 such a great show! We binged it 💯❤️‍🔥💯

  42. Question:
    During your stay, who did you deem as potential threats to your game ?
    Also, how did it affect your choices of alliances?

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