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REACTIONARYtv | Squid Game 1X9 | “One Lucky Day” | Fan Reactions | Mashup | Netflix

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Favorite fan reactions to season 1, episode 9 of “Squid Game”, “One Lucky Day”. “The final round presents another cruel test, but, this time, how it ends depends on just one player; the game’s creator steps out of the shadows.” Simply put it’s Mano a Mano between Sang Woo and Gi Hun but the prize is bitter sweet. The season finale, enjoy!!

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  1. I am so happy Kdrama is taking over the world. I hope season 2 is even better or on par with season 1. Hopefully your channel will grow from the influx of squid game viewers when season 2 drops.

  2. Phenomenal end, in my opinion, to a phenomenal first season.I have no idea where Season 2 (and possibly 3) will go, but I'm genuinely looking forward to what comes next. I'm also intrigued by the possible spin-offs coming.As for the Number One plot twist, it blew my mind. I don't think anybody, unless you were paying attention, saw it coming.Hopefully, there's more to come from the world of Squid Game.

  3. There's an expression that goes "Never underestimate an old man in a job where men die young." Well, given the reveal in this episode that statement is definitely true.

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