Real Life Squid Game Challenge Casting Call -

Real Life Squid Game Challenge Casting Call

Jess Lucero
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  1. Just finished my morning routine for the show 😂 see you there

  2. I love how they literally miss the entire point of the show by doing this

  3. Omg I wish I was a adult I would do this in a heartbeat 🙁

  4. I definitely would if I could but sadly I'm not turning the age requirement of 21 until 2024, but if they plan on multiple seasons, then sign me up.

  5. Wait if we lose a round are they gonna kill us

  6. I say yeah now, but now I need to watch squid games to see what the games consist of

  7. wait WHAT, ACTUAL MONEY???

    I dont need sleep mom, I need ANSWERSSSS

  8. It's a trick to lure people. I am pretty sure they have something plan like really bad like organ transplant of loosing players

  9. EXXITY • 8.0B views • 3 seconds ago says:

    Oh hell nah I'm not doing the glass bridge challenge

  10. I want to do it but I’m only 16

  11. Imagine Netflix had the permission to actually k!ll them

  12. Can we all stop acting like Mr beast made the game

  13. Can’t wait for all of the basic white girls to make complete fools of themselves

  14. Thank God this woman recorded and uploaded this video is all I can think. I don't know what we all would have done without the breakdown of this clear and concise statement (that anyone with a basic grasp of the English language could decipher). If this sort of quality commentary didn't exist, I'm not sure how normal people would get through the day without boiling their own heads while trying to make a cup of tea etc. I can only hope she's there the next time someone tries to test a live powerline with their bare hands or is having a bath and wonders if their electric heater will warm it back up if they drop it in for a minute or two.

    I can't be more clear with my disdain for you. You're a fucking moron.

  15. Mf really thought they was gonna die 💀

  16. I already know these guys getting a lawsuit. There’s gonna be some pissed off people who didnt understand what they got themselves into

  17. Me: oh hell nah I ain’t getting slapped and not get paid

  18. could u die in the game casting challenge?

  19. So fun fact, the experience the contestants had was horrible, they collapsed on the 1st day of filming and there are claims it was rigged

  20. My friend did the show basically “he had 210k in his pot & got eliminated….didn’t keep a cent

  21. If they killed people the company would probably shut down & the people in Charge would get life in prison (Maybe.)

  22. I just wish theyre guns are just paintball guns so it doesnt hurt much so i will just say "ow."

  23. As long as they don't do the taxes like the lottery

  24. So like is this gonna colide with the actual storyline, or is it a seperate thing?

  25. I’m doing that as long as it doesn’t include death

  26. Lol my uncle just turned in the application lol😂😂

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