Recognize This ‘Squid Game’ Voice? Behind Netflix’s Global Dubbing Strategy | WSJ -

Recognize This ‘Squid Game’ Voice? Behind Netflix’s Global Dubbing Strategy | WSJ

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More Netflix viewers watched dubbed versions of the South Korean drama “Squid Game” than subtitled versions. WSJ met one of the show’s English-language voice actors to see how dubbing foreign content is fueling the streaming giant’s growth. Photo Illustration: Sharon Shi

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  1. Its not that Americans won't watch dubbed content it's that generally foreign film has always been lackluster and nothing in comparison to what comes out of Hollywood. Now though, some of the best movies and shows I've seen were dubbed content by foreign creators like Korea, German, Brazilian etc. Now that financing is going to other countries to create better content dubbing will revolutionize film in a way yet to be scene it's honestly exciting with all the new better content Americans can now enjoy from other countries courtesy of access to capital and proper dubbing

  2. Japanese version of this series will be like "why not people watch me when I am better by miles"?

  3. You can't "watch" a movie or whatever if you are busy reading subtitles. I am ONLY interested in things that are Dubbed if they are worth watching in the first place, i don't watch ANYTHING if it's all subtitles. What they really need is some software that can rebuild the mouth movements utilizing the voiceover from the "dub", then the problem will be solved.

  4. I'd very much prefer to feel and hear the raw emotions out of the actor's mouth and read the subs at the same time, than to have it dubbed over and the emotions of the voiceover don't seem to sync with the desperate situation I see. Maybe a trilingial mind like me can watch and read the subs at the same time, compared to someone who's just monolingual in english. Never quite understood why people esp eng-speaking only folks who can't keep with what they watch n read subs at same time.

  5. I watch dubbed version on Dolby atmos supported tv. It was amazing. Don’t blame dubbing. Upgrade your hardware.

  6. I had English subtitles and Korean dubbing on. It captures the essence of an art piece in foreign language, a sort of token of respect for the work according to me.

  7. Netflix's dubbing AND subtitles need serious work. Subtitles for animes in Netflix are absolute dog shart. Dubbing esp. for K-drama is the same level of shart too. A lot of U.S audiences get introduced to Asian series through Netflix. It is just soo sad that they could have appreciated the series more if Netflix does even the bare minimum to make decent sub and dub work. Compared to other platforms for Anime and K-Drama, Netflix's subtitles are disappointing. Such a sham that a huge platform is doing shart work on this.

  8. Other countries have been dubbing American content for a long time. They are pros.

  9. Dubbing is great for watching while distracted.

    When you want to watch something while cooking, or checking emails, chasing kids, or doing something else, dubbing is a great way to still follow along with whatever is on.

    This is more an issue with news reporting with subtitles (e.g. Vice) which can’t be consumed while distracted, unless you know the native language of whatever country they are currently filming in. BBC and other news services that dub their content makes it more consumable on the go.

  10. I watched it in Hindi dubbed. I started with English dubbed, but soon within half way through first episode, it felt wierd. I immediately changed it to Hindi because it sounded better.

  11. i spreak korean so honestly the dubbed version doesn't even matte for me i just listen to the original

  12. I think the Squid Game dubbing is pretty decent, but the biggest problem is WHY THE HECK the English subtitle is not matching the English dubbing?!!

  13. I'm mostly watch entertainments in english (with subs), sometimes too much that I feel weird watching native speaker movies in my own language, 😅

  14. Surprised they showed a sample of thailand 🇹🇭 very small market. I watched it here but listened to the English version.

  15. They did a great job dubbing, haters always complain.

  16. Netflix did a great job. Unless one has a translation chip in one's brain, dubbing is the best choice. I have yet to subscribe to Netflix but watching Squid Game at friend's home has got me extremely interested.

  17. I've got a revolutionary idea, it might be controversial but hear me out.
    What if
    watch the show
    in the original
    mind blowing right?

  18. Hello everyone, I just made it out today, believe me okey, I no you all will be thinking, that I’m one of all those scammers out there, no just that YouTube don’t allow me too comment with this guy’s website too appreciate them, this guys up their🙄, are the best will all can deal with. I’m James from California.,

  19. One thing I come to understand is people will always complain, they had to make an English version of the series to make it easier and people still complain about the lips movements, why not watch the Korean version of it and bore urself up with subtitles

  20. Full respect on covering a surprisingly interesting topic. I speak English, but I also have some very basic French, Spanish and German language ability. I've always wanted to make a documentary myself on subtitles and the impact the translation chosen can have on the narrative and final result, but I'll probably never do it as I'm not very capable in the area of filmmaking. (Who knows though? It might happen).
    This was really good. Kudos

  21. Did anyone else grow up watching Monkey Magic as a kid in the 80s. The dubbing was so out of sync that it became it's own feature. At school we used to do "Monkey Talk" where we'd move our mouth like we were saying 10 words, but only speak 2, then do his special blow across his fingers to summon his travelling cloud. 😂

  22. If someone has dyslexia, subtitles would be difficult to read considering the time they need to stay on screen. My mother has dyslexia and while I do personally prefer subtitles, I’m happy to have shared Squid Game Via English dub because she rarely watches non English shows and movies. While we’re at it, English Audio Description needs to be more widespread so that sight impaired viewers can enjoy non English content as well. Let’s also not forget that even British and American stuff get dubbed into other languages all the time. I’m not trying to stay Dubs are the best way, they are not. The original language with subtitles is the best way to experience the intended experience. But I would also like to share the content with as many people as possible.

  23. I am particularly not used to dubbed contents, I'm very used to original content sounds with Portuguese subs, but when it comes to a language that I don't understand at all or I don't like the way it sounds I use the Brazilian Portuguese dubbing one of the best in the world. Brazilian's dubbing studios have so much experience with it that they mastered it with time. And sure English dubbing still have a lot to improve.

  24. I noticed the English dubbed version of Squid Game is not consistent with the English subtitles. Perhaps there is some room for improvement.

  25. I never ever ever listen to Dubs even Anime. Best to watch in their own language whether it's Chinese, Thai, Korean, French, German, Burmese, etc.

  26. ☝️ Thanks you for putting smile on my face with the $5,000 you sent to my PayPal I will keep buying from you

  27. ☝️.Thanks you for putting smile on my face with the $5,000 you sent to my PayPal I will keep buying from you

  28. See I dont think so I can still follow with bad dubbing. Actually I really enjoy Korean films more so than other countries films that are dubbed because I feel their facial expressions are easier for me to understand than other dubs. I still see their faces even if the words dont match

  29. People complain about everything if you dont like it dont watch it. It gives the US the chance to watch other cultures films which i am so grateful for

  30. I watched Squid Game with the English Dub.

  31. The Spanish dub was really good and the mouth movement did not match up at all. I think the English dub it’s too clear with it audio and I think there’s too much over-enunciation, like people don’t talk like that. And I’m sorry I really just think the acting the lacked in the audio too

  32. Subtitles is the way to go, just improve the translation as best as possible. There's no way to replicate original voices of the actors into another, it has never worked.

  33. Ahh hello, please respect the professional dub-ber. As we all can see how they try hard to synchronize with those lip sync. Least we cant do like them.

  34. I'd rather never watch anything ever than watch it with dubbing.

  35. Dubbing is highly technical and hard to make and master. Mexico has 70+ years of Dubbing and voice acting school and has been doing it for generations, without any new technologies, just technique. American, European, Japanese and other foreign products have been dubbed here. The best dubbing in the world, sometimes surpasses the acting quality of the original products. I can see this is new for Americans but I can't understand this problems if they have such good voice actors. Not the same thing, I see.

  36. The English dubbing of Squid Games was atrocious.

  37. Female pick pocket sounds like Tokyo from Money Heist

  38. I despise english dubbing. just saying. Most of it is trash.

  39. people who complain about dubbing today, should here what it sounded like back in the 70's and 80's

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