SHOCKING Theory on How Ali Is STILL ALIVE In Squid Game! -

SHOCKING Theory on How Ali Is STILL ALIVE In Squid Game!

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If you’re one of the avid fans of the latest Netflix Korean drama series Squid Game, then there’s a 99 percent chance that you were heartbroken when you watched Episode 6, dubbed Gganbu, where the main characters had to decide whether to betray their friends or sacrifice themselves for their friends in order for one of them to survive to the next level of the game. And if you were heartbroken by the scenes the girl sacrificed herself for Sae-Byeok, aka Player 067, or how the old man Il-Nam, aka Player 001 tried to act like he was having a dementia attack to let Gi-Hun, aka Player 465 to win, then you must have shed a tear or two when fan-favorite Ali, or player 199, was betrayed by Sang Woo during this game of marbles. Oops, before we go any further, SPOILER ALERT! We will be talking a lot about it. So if you haven’t finished watching the series yet, go finish it now, and if you already have, then welcome to this theory!

It is no doubt that Ali has become one of many fans’ favorite characters in the series, given his soft heart and very trusting nature. However, given the way Ali’s life ended in the Episode 6 scene, fans can’t help but theorize if Ali’s character is still alive. After all, when the old man Il-Nam was shot, it was not shown on the screen. And turns out, in the last episode, it was shown that he was alive after all! That he was never shot, and that he was the one behind all the plans within the game. So, it might not come as a surprise that fans are hoping that Ali might still be alive too, given as well the role that Ali made us all love. There are many theories created by fans, whether Ali is going to be alive or not, or whether we will be seeing more of Ali in Season 2 or nah. And in today’s video, we will lay out all of the reasons and hidden details you may have missed in season 1 that may lead to us believing that Ali might still be alive and might return for Season 2. So, are you ready? But before anything else, make sure you hit that subscribe button and smash that notification bell first for more updates on Squid Game. Now, let the games begin!

If you are a Netflix fanatic, or perhaps even if you don’t even have your own Netflix account, but you are currently living in this era, then you must have heard about the globally popular Squid Game series and has taken the world by storm over the past few weeks, hitting the number one spot on Netflix in 90 countries. Even Netflix CEO Ted Sarandos himself stated that Squid Game might become the online platform’s most streamed shows yet. Squid Game is a nine-episode series about a world where children’s games turn deadly, and where money is your only drive to live. Squid Game’s backdrop is South Korea’s present-day, very real wealth inequality. Squid Game is the first South Korean drama to hit the No. 1 spot on Netflix. Squid Game has gone viral across the world and online by implementing childhood games. Squid Game focuses on a desperately indebted group of people in South Korea.

Player 199/Ali is one of the best characters in Squid Game, but is he alive and can he return in season 2? Today, we break down everything you need to know about player 199 Ali.

Player 199, also known as Ali Abdul, entered the Squid Game in order to make money to support his wife and son. Ali became a firm fan-favorite in the first game Red Light, Green Light, where he saved Gi-Hun, aka player 456,.Ali quickly gets the upper hand on Sang-Woo, which is when Sang-Woo decides to betray him. Sang-Woo was declared the winner and one of the men in red overalls shoots Ali.

“So in Episode 6 where Ali dies u don’t actually see him getting shot! In episode 6 titled Gganbu, we see a cutaway. We later find out that the old man didn’t really die and that he was behind the Squid Games all along. This has given Ali fans hope that he too is still alive.

While Squid Game cutting away from Ali’s death may have led to fans hoping he was still alive, the shot of him in a casket should be seen as confirmation that he died. The only explanation for Ali still being alive after this that Squid Game could provide would require major retcons. Without the shot of him in the casket, there was the chance that Ali survived somehow. Squid Game already pulled a fake-out.

However, it appears unlikely that Ali is going to return in season 2. It seems as though a second season will focus on Gi-Hun trying to expose the entire Squid Game operation.

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  1. He is dead bc in episode 7 the start you can see alis dead body

  2. Squidgame is purely occult and satanic game ,Here is the proof
    this is why it got popular so fast, it has messages of events which are going to happen with us before the arrival of antichrist, the occult animated film i pet goat 2 had the same doll which turns and bring death

  3. Is Ali alive? 5 minutes into the video, more than 50% of the video -No! We saw his head with a hole. … Your retardation techniques are something. xD

  4. Ali died the next episode showed at the intro his deceased body

  5. Also,umm..
    Another theory:
    Sang woo gave ali his bag and filled up with stones.But i didnt saw him take the 1 marble he didnt die.

  6. He will come back as Ali twin brother

  7. Me: alive
    Kitty: dead!
    Me: alive!
    Kitty: DEAD!
    ME: ALIVE!

  8. I finish the whole series of speed game and a kind of addicted to screen now

  9. You just blurred the movie so the gun would be really hard to see

  10. The referee is the same as the policeman, because he is the only one who owns this type of weapon, so the policeman did not kill Ali, but rather shot him in a place that does not lead to death

  11. Are you sure he is still alive cause im sure in the start of episode 7 showed his body in a coffin with the gunshot

  12. I would love to believe this if not for the clearly dead body of Ali being loaded into a coffin at the beginning of the next episode.

  13. Imagine it was just a pink guard’s nightmare of playing squid game

  14. I love squid game I bet season two is going to be better

  15. Except at the beginning of the next episode, you see his corpse with a bullet-hole… so yea, he dead.

  16. Ali is the best he saved gi hun's life gi hun almost tripped In Red green light But Ali saved him Ali holded Gi hun from moving in red light

  17. Ali is dead he show his death and got burned

  18. If they havent showed the charecter dead body dont belive they are dead

  19. But you can see in Netflix the #7 after intro we can see ali on Coffin and death

  20. Well assepted the 14 out of the 456 since they left

  21. Bruh Ali was in the coffin at the start of the episode 7

  22. I was crying a lot when Ali the grandpa died and stuff

  23. At least they didn’t die in real life just the movie

  24. I really hope all is alive cuz he's my favorite character in squid game alien made a toy of him

  25. I really hope there’s a twist and that 067 is still alive

  26. bro said ali is alive as he only shows a black part of the background

  27. 0:37 "You must have shed a tear or two when Ali was betrayed by Sang-Woo in a game of marbles."
    my house is filled with tears bro

  28. maybe ali is lil nams son it could be possible that he is still alive

  29. How everyone know squid game? Totally, Its COLOR BLIND

  30. I loved ali I cried so hard when he died I also cried when the girl died the one who got killed In the last episode player 067

  31. Acually this is incorrect because in the next episode we saw his corpse with a wound on his head so sadly this theory is not true

  32. Well not really try because we saw his body and the creator of squid game has money only to put food on the table so there might not be a season 2 to make Ali still alive

  33. Ali is NOT alive because in the Netflix series, it shows Ali in a coffin with a gunshot on his chest

  34. Waterfalls were coming out of my eyes when I saw episode six

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