Should Christians Be Watching the Squid Games On Netflix? -

Should Christians Be Watching the Squid Games On Netflix?

Marcus Rogers
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  1. I only heard about it and i refuse to be exposed to this

  2. It's obvious that "they" are showing what "they" want/are going to do to mankind(those left behind)maybe before(to each other). They are glorifying their power of total food & monitory goods. They communicate to each other by symbolism & media(first) & tech(besides false religions & worship). The world think it's entertainment not induction.

  3. It's a story….tagged fiction but it is the reality of everyday life in naija on steroids they even got the leader's role and the colour code of pain and suffering right."🇳🇬"…..I don't think stories such as these are demonic at least not for adults who can draw a deeper meaning.

  4. Evil is no longer hiding. It is everywhere. I used to have Netflix, now I don't even have cable. Even the internet needs to be engaged with caution. It is easy to make light if some things, such as gay characters in children's films but this is overt. Regardless of how obvious I think we need to stay vigilant and not fall prey to the world.

  5. Unbelievable! Watching this series is the least of our concerns.

  6. Canceled Netflix a while ago because it was getting too dark.

  7. People need to listen to that still small voice that pull at your spirit that says don't watch that don't listen to that don't go there don't hang with these people. God does not condone any of the crap they have out the killing the scary stuff the nasty stuff.

  8. The dark place they drew from is capitalism and that’s the world we live in

  9. Speaking TRUTH IS NEVER doing too much!!

  10. I agree with what you said as a lifestyle. There is much “Christians” should not be watching.

  11. Maaan I have been waiting for this
    I also got the same revelation it was not right in my spirit

  12. absolutely not for entertainment. The only reason you should be watching it is to be learning the enemy

  13. Had just got it on my phone but after watching and hearing from you brother, I have to simply let it go and delete it from my phone 📱

  14. I haven’t watched it but people wonder why they don’t sense the move of the spirit yet they want to watch every defiling thing that appears on TV. People guard your spirit, heart and your mind. There are some things as soon as my eyes see it my spirit is vexed, I sense the spirit channeled to create movie. Let’s create our own shows for entertainment.

  15. Koreans make great TV but Squid Game is not something I want to watch. Personally, I don't support Netflix cause of the whole issue of a gay "Jesus" or whatever nonsense it was they decided to put on their service.

  16. My man started watching it lastnight. I was in the room and saw a couple episodes. But, it was hard to watch and made me so sick to my stomach I thought I was going to puke. I went upstairs and he watched for few more hours.

  17. The Spirit told me the same thing…..As soon as I started reading about it…That's facts, the eyes are the windows to the soul.

  18. I cancelled Netflix and Disney plus almost a year ago and I couldn’t be happier.

  19. Holy Spirit told me to not too, as so many tv programs. For today i almost don't watch tv, only for special ocations with family

  20. I can say that over the past couple of years I’ve never been closer in my walk with the Lord. And a huge part of that is dying to myself everyday and letting the Holy Spirit guide me and staying in God’s word. With that being said, God knows us all intimately and knows that maybe one person watching this show affects them differently than another person. But I truly believe that once you are strong in your walk with the Lord, he gives you discernment but also helps you see everything through a Christian lens. I never watched a trailer for the show and just decided to watch it because I do loves movies and shows. But through the violence and ungodliness of the show, their is a huge Christian allegory from start to finish, if you are able to read between the lines. And I do believe in everything I watch I look for the Christian themes or allegories. This is just my opinion. If someone’s spirit is telling them to stay away from the show for whatever reason then don’t watch it, but I think as Christians, no evil can prevail against our minds when we are walking with the Lord. God bless 🙏🏼

  21. Amen my brother! I didn’t know it existed until I saw it all over my social media! I don’t plan on seeing it but I did look at what others thought about it. I see some brothers or sister say they watched and learned a lesson on this movie but honestly how can we be part of a viewer when we know all this is wrong! We should know that through the Bible not by watching a movie. This movie to me seemed more like the bad days to come like the Bible states. They will be playing with us Christians for our faith if we don’t listen to such laws. Honestly I want to be taken to heaven when Christ comes for his church but for those who stay I can honestly say squid game can be a reality that will happen with believers who sadly will stay behind. I do not support film directors to this extend and dedication of my time to watch it

  22. I don’t agree with Brother Marcus on some things, but I agree with this. I watched squid game, and I remember watching it feeling horrible. Even the soundtrack doesn’t feel right in my spirit. I hope there isn’t a second season.

  23. I’m starting to believe demons are giving these people storylines, because these shows and movies are so sick.

  24. If any believer needs someone to talk to about the questions and doubts and religious trauma you have in your faith, feel free to reach out to me. I was steeped in delusion for years of my life. The things we make up to comfort ourselves and the narratives we create for what is “right/wrong” according to the bible are toxic. Free yourselves from the oppressive establishment of religion and find your own identity. I know this will be written off as “the enemy” or “a demon” trying to test your faith, but it actually comes from a place of deep empathy from someone who has been where you are.

  25. I started it and got a few episodes in and felt convicted and it didn’t sit right in my spirit. I stopped and repented. Didn’t even see the scene of the checkered floor and triangle. That is 100% demonic

  26. I just watches the first do I mean like damn got me shivering

  27. Stop moaning about a bit of artificial violence Christians!! Your brothers and sisters in north korea, nigeria, china, afghanistan, somalia, india etc face it every day.

  28. I personally haven't seen it, those who put this crap out there are pawns of the checkboard

  29. You've reminded me of an episode of 'McGee & Me', where Nick snuck out to see a horror movie with his friend and regretted it afterwards. It was all about making the right decisions and honouring your Mother and Father. I've had to learn a similar lesson over the years.

  30. Believers should only view, hear, speak wholesome aspects of life – Holy Spirit will lead in all truth

  31. Religion is man’s way and the sword is God’s way so when you speak the Word brother don’t apologize or say it is religion.
    We must stand against the wiles of the devil and to contend for the faith!! You always contend for the faith brother!!
    Also, the black and white checkered floor is of Masonic lodges

  32. I’m a Christian I saw the show, there was nothing demonic about it. I saw the show as when there is a high amount of money involved people will do anything to get it.

  33. Why does it matter if you watch it or not? Why make a video on this

  34. By just looking at the pictures of the series & all the blatant satanic symbols I got disgusted.

    I thank god daily for spiritual discernment and I'm so glad I never got into horror movies/series whatsoever.

    These are demonic channels & portals that come from a very dark place of someones dark mind.

    Praise & Glory to God

  35. There's a general rule of thumb:

    If you have to ask, it isn't it.

  36. I want to be a Christian like yourself firm and doing the right thing before gods eyes 💪🏽

  37. Then what about this movie called “encanto” should christians watch it?

  38. I repented after watching it. It was a lot for my spirit

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