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Squid Game: 15 Things You Missed

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Korean media is the gift that just keeps on giving with this battle royale style, gritty satire absolutely dominating on the platform right now, with it being in the top 10 most popular shows on the streaming service in over 22 countries. The series which is a jet black and violent portrayal of humanity is full of twists and turns, brilliant foreboding, easter eggs, hidden details and subtle references that it’s worth giving the show a full rewatch. However, until then we thought it would be best to take a look at the listed items in great detail, putting the show up to the magnifying glass, and finding the secrets hidden in plain sight.

In this video then, we will take a look at 15 things from the show that you may not have noticed on the first time of asking. We will look at all of the foreshadowing in regards to the identity of the game’s true architect (and how the evidence was in front of our eyes the whole time), the subtle imagery that spells out the entire story painted on the wall of the player’s dormitory for all to see, the subtle foreboding of key character’s deaths and how they will die, the visual cues that you may not have initially noticed, the inspiration for both the show and the costume and set design, some familiar faces you may not have noticed and some goofs the show makes just for good measure. Get ready to have your dreams haunted all over again as we reenter “Hell”.

What did you make of this video? Fan of the show? Any of these things shock you? Any we missed? Let us know in the comments below and make sure to subscribe to the channel today for all this and more.


0:00 Intro
0:46 Oh Il-Nam
1:58 The Games
2:37 Deaths
3:20 Coffin
3:38 456
3:56 Ants
4:31 Staircase
4:58 Jung Ho-Yeon
5:33 Jumpsuits
6:03 Manhwa
6:19 Round 6
6:37 VFX
7:03 Script
7:29 Red Light, Green Light
7:46 Goofs

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Written by: Aiden M
Narrated by: Justin Freitas @JustinFreitasVO
Edited by: Guillermo A

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  1. The last one is wrong because her code for the card is his daughter’s b-day not his b-day not to ruin the vid fr u tho👍😁😂❤️

  2. The guards listened to the old man when he screamed to stop the madness, and he didn't have a lock on his chains during the game.of tug of war

  3. I never noticed that he wasn't counted as a player and he wasn't gas i thought it was editing and i was confused when they stopped after he wanted the violence to stop or something i think it was episode 4 or 5

  4. I think the reason player 456 won is beacuse the prize money is 45.6b abd his number is 456 so maybe thats the reason

  5. Not one of the most popular shows on Netflix…

    THE most popular show in Netflix history.

  6. foreshadowing is not Easter eggs… they are bird poop droppings. I don't give a

  7. In my humble opinion!! THIS IS THE MOST OUTRAGEOUS MOVIE I have seen, one that depicts inhumanity of highest order…As if the world isn't bizarre enough, we get to watch such..For y'all that recommended me this, will punch u in faces next tym we meet..Mscchew

  8. Nghe Phúc hát mà nước mắt rơi mãi ….quá nhiều cảm xúc ùa về, quá nhiều kỉ niệm. Cảm ơn Đức Phúc thật nhiều, giọng hát anh ấm tựa nắng mùa Thu vậy.

  9. That wants her first time acting she's going very popular

  10. Is it just me or some scenes i havent seen on Netflix, maybe it was cut,i never saw where the bad guy jumps from the bridge

  11. I think everyone who have watched the movie Exam. Knew that the old man was behind it 🙂

  12. Don't you all get it? The android phones have same symbols as the ones seen in the Squid Game.

  13. 5:40 Ohhhh I was thinking of school uniforms too while I watched it. Also because of their numbers of identification. My school uniform was also green so 😅


  15. Amber heard be hear to pay jony deep. 🤣🤣🤣

  16. 45.6 bill 456 is his number and that’s weird

  17. JackThePuyoPuyoAndKatelynDansbyFan2010 says:

    Squid game released on September 17th 2021

  18. you almost had it! The box he picked for his daughter is the same box with the names of the list of winners through the years

  19. You did bot realize yoo lee mi was not only in all of us are dead but also in squid game😑. Lee yoo mi played lee na yeon in all of us are dead and ji yeong in squid game.

  20. Cho sang woo is not a acum bag lol I think he looks like teeny lids from ha

  21. Don,t worry i watched the movie and i watched it 100 times bc it,s my fav movie any movie wich is super good i will watch it but it,s still my fav

  22. He dude who killed that one dude for that drink actually got forced to gain 17 kilograms and he had a fear of heights two of the games were high and he had to fall off one of them for the story line I feel so bad for them😞😞😞😞

  23. Wait at the start, you said 001 as the only elder. 453 is also an elder

  24. In the first seconds that you need to take a photo I would dab

  25. One thing you missed about Il-Nam. When Jun-ho found the registries of the past and present games, in the present one, the contestants started with 002 while the other years started with 001.

  26. You didnt spoil it i already watched it and your reminding me of the scenes that are spectacular

  27. What ppl don’t realize is squid games is based on the true stories for those people in those camps

  28. Voice overs are so cheese e …love it tho…acting…ahhh…kinda godzilla 70s …but that what makes it work

  29. Surprised no ones bitching about the fact that main character guy once in squid cell…talking to old man…that he should be with his son and his daughter in law taking care of him! Like wtf..I'd that how it is Korea! Nothing wrong with looking after your old folks…but it ain't gonna fly in jersey…if it's in vows lol

  30. Another way to foreshadow his gi huns win was how much money he won in the end which was 456 million

  31. On Episode 7, The Front Man was going to pickup up the phone but hesitated when he realized the receiver was turned around. Was The Front Man speaking to Il-Nam? As he said “I’m happy you enjoyed the game, sir”

  32. What this video neglects to notice about the one man's working history saying 1897 was that was the year Korea was named a monarchical state.

  33. Hey guys this is a huge conspiracy BUT what if the squid game people (workers, solders and managers) are actually clones?

    What if they are cloning all of the players who lost their lives?

    That would've been awesome right?

  34. Season 2 is now confirmed for anybody wondering

  35. Me watching this in 2023:Okay whatever
    Me watching this in 2021:OH MY GOD I DID NOT KNOW THAT

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