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Squid Game (2021) Explained in Hindi | Squid Games Full Summarized हिन्दी

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Squid Game (2021) Explained in Hindi | Squid Games Full Summarized हिन्दी
Squid Game (2021) Survival drama explained in Hindi . The Netflix thriller Drama-Season film “Squid Games” story summarized with a full episode ending in हिन्दी explanation. The plot is about a hundred players who take part in a deadliest game. All these participants have come here because there is a lot of debt on all of them and there is prize money of billions for winners in these strange children’s squid games. Here the reward is too high which can create ease for anyone, but in return they have to face too many death-dealing stakes. One of the men among them is ‘Seong’ who does not have enough money to make his son happy on his birthday or to care for his mother. He meets a man who hands him a business card, and then he walks to a location. They brought a large group of cash-strapped people to play the game. There will be six games for them to play. They couldn’t leave the game on their own because it was against the rules. If they did, they would be eliminated and no longer able to play. Most of the players wanted to leave after the first game, in which they had to remain still. At first, they thought it was funny, but when one of the boys died, they all became scared and many of them decided not to continue playing.

Then, after learning about his mother’s illness, Seong decides to rejoin the game. In the beginning there were 456 players, but now there are only 255. The game began, and it was a tug of war. While forming Team Seong, he also managed to win the game. Later, Seong emerged victorious in a game where he had to collect marbles from his partner. During these games, he encountered his childhood friend Sang-Woo. Additionally, there was Sae-Byeok, a girl who had previously stolen Seong’s money in the game.

In the end, there were only three players left: The final fight begins with Sang-woo and Seong. Seong wins the game after Sang-woo kills himself. Now after a year, Seong appears, but he has begun to use drugs. In the end, he finds that the game was made by the old man who was player number one because he was disappointed with his life. The wise old man informs the younger man that the money he possesses also belongs to him. Tragically, the elder man passes away. Seong encounters the mysterious person again while pursuing the other man, and a voice warns him to stop if he wants to preserve his life. This marks the conclusion of the film. Please Like, Share and Subscribe.

In my opinion, the acting is outstanding, and I thoroughly enjoyed the Squid game season. It has something for everyone: it is dramatic, emotional, and has enough suspense scenes for everyone to enjoy. I really can’t express how much I adore this season because it is an instant sensation for all of us. We covered all episode’s explanation in this video which are given below:

1- Red Light, Green Light
2- Hell
3- The Man with the Umbrella
4- Stick to the Team
5- A Fair World
6- Gganbu
8- Front Man
9- One Lucky Day

Squid Game is a South Korean survival drama television series which is also known as ‘Round Six’ streams on Netflix which is Written and directed by Hwang Dong-hyukI would like to say that this movie drama does not tell you the direct story, till the end, the suspense remains and this film is quite different from the rest. The screenplay is very similar to the old school slasher category and the good thing is that not everything starts happening at once.


Images and footage Source: Netflix
Director: Hwang Dong-hyuk
Production: Siren Pictures Inc.
Edited By: Jung Jae-il

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