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Squid Game (2021) Netflix Series Review

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Here is my spoiler-free Squid Game (2021) Netflix Series Review. In the South Korean Netflix thriller Squid Game, 456 desperate contestants compete with each other in a mysterious and deadly survival game involving multiple rounds of childhood games in order to win 45.6 billion won in prize money that can pull them out of their misery. Should this dramatic thriller be on your watchlist? Thanks for checking out my spoiler-free Squid Game (2021) Netflix Series Review!

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4 – It’s really good, you should see it
3 – It’s OK – maybe good for a rental
2 – It’s not that good and I wouldn’t recommend it
1 – It’s terrible and I definitely don’t recommend it
0 – Cutting off a finger is better than watching this

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  1. I would love it if they filmed a companion piece with the back stories for all the main characters showing how they got to their struggles. Gi-huns's bad luck, Sang-woo's decent to disgrace, Sae-Byeok's defection.

  2. Initially the players did not know that being eliminated means death. Because the word used in Korean simply means "out". Hence the horror faced by the players from the 1st game.

  3. The gimmick isn't super original all comes from that Stephen King book "The running man". Inspired a bunch of popular books like the japanese book battle Royale, Hunger games and kinda started that gimmick But the originally is the way they explore the characters and the trauma. It's a great show and idk but i feel like season 2 won't do season 1 justice.

  4. 진인한 영화 성공에 모마른 감독이 아름다운추억들을 살인잔치로 바꾸어놓았는데 네플렉스와 짜고 온세계정복했다고 나팔불고자랑질해대네…달고나를 살인게임으로 줄다리기도 생존경쟁의 수단으로 전 락시킨 자본주의의 폐해가 드러났다. 돈제일 황금만능주의가 낳은 괴물이다. 오징어게임은. 천민자본주의

  5. Definitely a sick twisted tale. I couldn't stop watching. I binged it today. Red Light Green Light used to be a favorite for me as a child, but this show has me traumatized 🥴🤣

  6. Great review, best in my opinion 👍

  7. Hopefully they make an american version

  8. Koko mako chu pia stuminda 😂😂😂
    The number 1 song on billboard

  9. The problem with these types of shows/movies, like Escape Room, Cube… there’s no way to create a satisfying ending. It’s all about the challenges.

  10. Why did the V.I.P.s come at game 5 and not to view all 6 games?

    And who is the "Front Man" speaking to on the phone?

  11. Why didnt know one pay attention to the drawings in the room the gamers were at? Those drawings actually showed what games were being played

  12. Show is total binge bait, in the best way!


  14. Squid game is plagiarism from Japanese comic Kaiji

  15. It's a mediocre show, too long and artificially drawn out for what could've been told in 2 or 3 hours, but then it'd be the movie Battle Royale.

  16. Thanks Chris for the video. I personally watch Squid game myself, and I totally agree with your assesment. I just watched your video to see if you enjoyed it as well as I did.

  17. Yeah the flashing during the fighting is obnoxious, I’d rather see bad fake fighting than get strobed attempting to cover it

  18. Eh, was really average. If it'd been made as a Western production it wouldn't be receiving such praise

  19. This is going to be your best video yet. Glad to see you grow and win!

    Peace & Love

  20. I am not normally a binge watcher – I tend to be perfectly happy waiting a day or two to find out how a cliff hanger resolves itself – but I couldn't stop watching Squid Game.

  21. I knew Squid Game would be a top hit on Netflix the second I saw the trailer. Japanese and Koreans simply understand the type of things that pique the human interest and keep you engaged while Hollywood still doesn't get it and is busy making boring superhero movies, slice of life comedy, or generic action movies that nobody cares about. Western movies and series invest way too much time and budget on graphics and action and never enough on storyline/storytelling, characters, suspense/anticipation, and emotional engagement. Watch any Korean drama and you'll see that Koreans are the absolute masters at this.

    It reminds me of when I saw the movie Captain Marvel. I remember how utterly bored I was because here's a character that's all of a sudden the strongest being in the universe decimating planets and spaceships, blasting laser beams and sh*t, and I just couldn't care less about any of it. Had no emotional investment in the character and couldn't wait for it to be over despite the impressive CGI and theatrics. Contrast that with the Korean series "Reply 1988" which is slow paced, has zero CGI, but takes you on a roller coaster of emotions and puts you in the shoes of the characters the entire time so that you begin to laugh when they laugh and cry when they cry. Sorry if this sounds rude, but Hollywood is just amateur in comparison.

  22. It would've better if it was made in the U.S.

  23. This show was barely mediocre. The side plot was there only for exposition, it had ZERO impact on the story. The 4th game went entirely against the spirit of the competitions. The last 2 episodes remind me of season 8 of Game of Thrones – story over, fill out the episodes, lets get out of here.

  24. Twist? These tv show was as predictable as it could be. Non sense per times, rushed and with a mediocre plot . Its not horrible but not amazing at all. They also managed to make the first episodes quite good and the last ones boring predictable and disappointing well done producers you made what usually takes 6 seasons to do in the first one. With that said the graphics, the scenarios and the wardrobe were amazing

  25. I been watching you for awhile. Look at the views on this! Keep up the great work. Hopefully they become subscribers

  26. You uploaded this video even before Squid game had not gotten any big attention. You are such a great reviewer. applauddddddd

  27. I just watched all 9 episodes and stayed up all night! ❤️😳❤️

  28. I do not watch a lot of korean stuff. But Parasite and this show are very interesting to watch. Watched till ep.04 of squid game. Lets see how it continues

  29. Great review and you are having a great hair day in this video ! Looking good.

  30. Please watch DP on Netflix. It’s the 2nd great movie I’ve ever seen ! 🤗

  31. Th worst part of the game is winning. Knowing that the best thing to do was to sacrifice yourself for everyone.

  32. I decided to watch one episode to find out what the hype was about,3mins in and im HOOKED!

  33. I did not enjoy this review. I don't know how one can review the series without mentioning the word "capitalism" even once.

  34. I have a history of seizures for which I take medication. During the relatively long scene with the strobe lighting, I had to keep looking away so I didn't risk seizing. I kept shouting at my TV "STOP STROBING!!!!!!!"

    My TV didn't listen until the scene had completed..lol

  35. I enjoyed Alice in borland as well…omg that death scream arisu let's out.

  36. That marbles game outcome was a bit surprising

  37. Good stuff, well presented…I like your style and delivery….

  38. 3:16 actually now that you mention that, I'm now wondering why they didn't put a trigger warning in the beginning of the episode. you know just in case someone suffers from that??

  39. Squid GAme i never heard of it when i watched it, fell into ti and found it different but great. just addicting.

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