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Squid Game (acapella)

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Music arranged by Maytree
Visual directed by Napkins music

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  1. Видео самые ваши видео самые классные просто красивый я

  2. fake look at there mouth no action following

  3. Hello my name is Jeanette where are you LOL District game your mom LOL surprise squid game no my is your squid game or come Michael CBS Grandma's lake erupts rise mart is cricket

  4. Me: im gonna die in squid game
    Doll: any last words
    Me: no but. Im gonna teleport so bye

  5. Imagine putting this as your ringtone

    I'd be too scared to wake up

  6. Congratulations, You've Made It To The Next Season! ⭕🔺🟥

  7. Imagine they are sleeping next to you and start making these voices in their sleep

  8. Can someone timestamp the name of the song pls 🙁

  9. There pictures and their sounds showing perfect era

  10. If there’s going to be a Season 2, they should totally do the entire soundtrack.

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